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Default What's your favorite, funnest RC ever, thats not a car/truck/plane/boat/heli?

So I've definetly been bitten by the RC bug. I already drive nitro trucks, fly airplanes, and fly a CP heli, but still want more. I know there are all sorts of other unique rc vehicles like bikes, skydivers, tricopters, Ornithopters (flapping wings),fork lifts, and a ton of others. But heres the real question......

Which one is the most fun RC vehicle/gadget that is not your typical car/truck/plane/heli/boat?

You can list more than one if you want. I'm pretty much just wanting to hear about some of those unique little gems, that are outside of the norm, yet able to provide lots of enjoyment. Whether they are hobby grade, or toys doesn't matter, the most important thing is simply the fun factor, and amount of enjoyment they provide.
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