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Default RE: What's your favorite, funnest RC ever, thats not a car/truck/plane/boat/heli?

TV? Lol.

Those flying pizza boxes, and lawnmowers and pringle can are definetly unique, but I don't know if they necessarily would be a lot of "fun" though, I mean any RC is going to be fun, but for example the pringles can, it is indeed an interesting and unique vehicle, but doesn't really look like something that you'd really want to drive all the time for fun.

I'm wondering if there is some off the wall vehicle, perhaps an ornithopter, or desktop forklift, or UFO or some other thing that you may have thought was silly or something, but ended up having lots of fun with it, and wanting to use it over and over again, rather than just once and the novelty wears off.
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