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Why sould I........

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Default Why sould I........

Buy an Academy 4wd drive buggy. I am looking for input. I will be racing an off road tracks in Pennsylvania and I am looking for a new buggy. SB V2 or the RTR sport buggy. How is support. How are the radio systems and so on. What buggy would everyone recommend I am looking strictly for racing. are there alot of hop-ups for these cars.

Can someone help me please. any racer or team Academy drivers or reps I would love to hear for you.
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Old 09-06-2006, 05:00 PM
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Default RE: Why sould I........

I've got the SB pro model and I love it. I would've bought the V2, but I like the stiffer C.F. chassis on the V1 model. Once the Pro version of the V2 comes out, I will most likely upgrade to that. Here are the reasons why I bought an Academy 4wd buggy:

1) Cost versus value:
My other options were a Losi 4wd, Kyosho Lazer ZX-5, Yokomo, or J concepts BJ4. The SB pro version was the only race level buggy in this class that's under $300 to start. That's a big selling point for a beginning racer like me.

2) Great drivability: Its so easy to drive, flies level, and the steering is awesome!

3) Interchangable parts: you can use other 1/10th scale shocks, tires, turnbuckles, and any wheel with a 12mm hex (or just change the hex).

4) Its Academy: I've been buying academy models since I was a kid, so I couldn't resist. I am very brand loyal to them.

Here are some Cons:
- Little to No LHS parts support. I have to buy all my parts online, so I always have to plan ahead before a race.
- Little to No aftermarket support besides Academy products.
- I hear the SB Sport has weak diff outdrives, but I have not noticed anything after 6+ months. This could be a problem in the long run.
- Not as race tunable as the J concepts BJ4 or Losi XXX-4.

Overall, I think this buggy is an 8/10. It would be a 9/10 if they had more local parts support and more aftermarket products.
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Old 09-11-2006, 11:05 AM
Davey G
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Default RE: Why sould I........

Hi Redwolf,

The MRC/ACADEMY cars are very upgradeable, and the cost/value is second to none. The cars are very durable as well. If your looking to get a 4wd offroad car the SBV2 is a great car with a ton of option parts. Our website is being updated as we speak with all the NEW option parts, like the Carbon Fiber graphite conversion, one way assembly, rear universal drive shafs, etc.
The MRC/ACADEMY touring car (STR4ProII) is again a great car for what you pay. It is a carbon fiber upper and lower decked car with many tuning parts that make this a great asphalt car, and with a few option parts will be a winner on carpet as well.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

To find out more information on our products please visit

Dave Graboski
RC Car Product Manager
Model Rectifier Corporation
Phone: 732-225-2100 Ext.214
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Default RE: Why sould I........

From a strictly racing standpoint, the SB V2 in stock form will require a few changes, dependent on track conditions:

1. Better shocks, the Academy alloy ones are excellent
2. New style rear universals to correct the dogbone droop issue (If it still exists) or do the O-ring trick
3. A few completer bearings as the vehicle has a few areas that are not fully bearing equipped
4. Rigging of ESC mount setup for G-11 style ESCs. I made a lexan plate and that worked great as the cut outs didn't leave much mounting room
5. If you race on high traction surface where flex is undesirable, pickup the carbon fiber chassis setup.
6. By default, I always ran the center oneway setup on the V1 Pro, you will probably want this or the full diff oneway
7. Sway bars.
8. Steering link modification to gain maximum throw ( I think there is away to do this without using a longer link, I just used a longer link)

I think that is about it. The advantages you will see with the SB V2 are its durability and how well it just coasts the jumps. Its out of the box performance was on par with my SB V1 Pro tht was fully setup. Parts support could be an issue in your area, but you are pretty close to MRC direct so it should be quick shipping.

I really liked my buggy, and if there was a class to keep running it I would have kept it. other than the Kyosho ZX5 for the price out of the box you get a pretty well equipped vehicle, and this one is more durable than the kyosho so the money you save with them having the threaded shocks and front oneway setup already is mute if you have to buy strengthen parts right away.
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