OK, so first let me say I am completely new to RC, so be simple with me and don't look at me like I am completely stupid. Our school has a model RC club and due to the fact that it died and no one else took up the club, I did. We have a Traxxas Stampede and had been running 3000 mAH Super Duty plus batteries from last year, but they all died really quick. When I went to HobbyTown to get new batteries they told me to use the Racers Edge 3600 mAH batteries. Well, shortly after that, the battery connection was literally burning together with the connection on the speed control. After another trip to Hobby town they told me to use Ultra plugs. So my soldering skills suck, but I got the battery and speed control connections and it ran fine. But then I tried to remove the alligator clamp side of the charger and solder an ultra plug to it. However, even thought I know there is voltage in the battery because of a tester, the Super Brain never can see it. Do I have to cut off the regular connection and solder the ultra plug connector to that side?