Here are some quick build tips I found when building my SB V2 Pro:

Make sure that when assembling servo posts that you use the addendum, if you thread in both holes on the post first according to the manual and not the addendum you may have difficulty using the screw size stated when mounting to the chassis, after removing the bottom screws from the posts. If this happens, use a slightly shorter (2mm less) screw.

If more droop is desired all around, use the longer ball ends that come with the kit or slightly thread out the standard ball ends. Pay attention however to make sure that you have sufficient range for the cvd bone pin to remain the outdrive, especially on the left rear side of the car (looking at if from the front of the car).

Similar to what has been done with MIP CVDs, for extra security, you may use heat shrink tubing over the pin that holds the cvd assembly together. This helps get you through the race if the set screw loosens up.

The vehicle is probably one of the best fitting vehicles I have ever put together. Parts are stiff like graphite parts but are beefy. Lots of bang for the buck here!