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Default RC Universe Magazine Review: ACADEMY SB SPORT V2 BUGGY PRO ELECTRIC

Now online:

Full blown review with build, details, photos, video and more of the Academy SB Sport V2 Buggy Pro Electric Kit

Excerpt from intro:
Electric four-wheel drive buggies used to be a very popular class, and lately they've been making a comeback at many tracks thanks to new brushless motor technology. While Academy isn't one of the most widely known players in the electric buggy genre, it's a name known well enough to anyone who has followed the class. Providing just as much high-tech hardware as you'd expect from the lightweight buggy class, Academy has staked the SB V2 Pro as a real winner.

Under the hood you'll see lots of carbon-fiber to reduce weight. Of course there's plenty of purple anodized aluminum to drool over as well. Then, when you take into account the front one-way bearing and adjustable vertical chassis support, as well as the new carbon-plastic material used in the suspension arms and caster blocks, you really start to see exactly how much thought has really went into this buggy.

Of course the SB V2 Pro arrives as a kit. So you'll get to put it together and use the electronics you want to. So, without further delay, let's get this buggy assembled and hit the track!

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Default RE: RC Universe Magazine Review: ACADEMY SB SPORT V2 BUGGY PRO ELECTRIC

Good job guys....thanks for the publicity!!!!!

It is much appreciated!
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