Hi Everyone,
I am in desperate need of some help. I have an Academy SB V2, i recently cooked the diffs, and tried to order replacements (VP-021). At this point i should mention that i am in the UK. I have the diff sets on order at two different stores, one for two months the other for one. They both say they are waiting for the UK distributor (horizon Hobby) to get them in. But i am not able to race and haven't for two months now. I went online to the MRC website to order them but they don't ship to the UK, or reply to my emails. I also saw metal outdrives (T001) which i thought would be a good mod to get too.
So want to buy metal outdrives for the diffs (2 no.) and a pair of complete diff sets. I can pay by paypal, i just need to find someone who can supply them. I am slowly losing faith in Academy as spares are so difficult to get, can anyone help? (I'm in the UK don't forget)

Thanks very much