I put a Turnigy TR52DV camera on the inside in the passenger seat and I put a FlyCamOne2 in the back seat behind the driver. It was inside an indoor RC Short Corse Raceway so the FlyCamOne2 neede a little video correction to compensate for the incandescant light. The Turnigy camera from Hobby King had a scratched windshield to look through so every time the overhead lights came into view the scratches in the Lexon plastic came through. The car the cameras were ridin in were a Traxxas Slash. On normal bright sunny days the FlyCamOne2 has a better image but when you can get a Turnigy camera from Hobby King for $18.00 you get the idea. The FlyCamOne2 has a pivot lens that I like. Batterry issues are no problem as a race only lasts for 6 minutes and 10 minutes is tops from turning it on and placing it on the track and waiting for the start then returning to the pits. I got around 25 minutes of video out of a FlyCamOne2 while just turning it on. I haven't checked the life of a Turnigy camera batterry yet, but I forgot to turn the camera off during qualifying runs and I filled up the micro SD card with useless video while sitting in the pits. It was still on when the Main Event happened but I couldn't use it. So here goes the video from YouTube.