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Tethered blimp with fixed position camera

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Default Tethered blimp with fixed position camera

I am interested in getting a tethered blimp complete with a camera to fly over sporting events. The camera would be fixed to point straight down.

If possible the camera would transmit the video feed live down to ground level either by wireless or by wire down the tether. The camera could also be powered via the tether.

The camera would need to be set to be zoomed out to see as much of the picture below as possible.

Is this a massive undertaking? Anyone know of any products / companies which might be able to help me out?

To be honest I have no experience in this but really want to explore the idea.
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Default RE: Tethered blimp with fixed position camera

Well, if, for the moment, you take the blimp out of the equation. ... what do you have? A remotely-operated camera.

I know that my Sony has its own remote-control handset, so it could be controlled wirelessly at a distance. You'd have to strip out the excess weight, mind. A video TX/RX is cheap enough and easy to obtain.

Now, if you can just afford to buy the helium and the massive blimp ...!

What is the lifting capacity of helium, anyway?

Hot air is, I think, about 7 grammes per cubic foot.

That wasn't much help, was it?
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