So a couple weeks ago Ipicked up a used photoshipone MKTR pro gimbal. It was missing some parts and the servo horns were not in working order.r I sent DJ at PSO an email and made sure he knew Ibought it used asking him if i could buy the missing parts.He sent me them for free Got to love customer service like that.

The MKTR Ihave has the 2nd roll serbo and the geared tilt servo. Ial still getting a little servo backlash on roll and DJtold me to call him. They are writing up a tuning document on the gimbal and had some ideas on how to get it to perform better.

this video was done prior to any tuning.

hope to have it tuned and ready to go soon. Even with the backlash simple stabilization from software (vegas 11 in my case) got rid of 99%of it with almost no wripples or artifacts.

let me know what you think

oh shot with my Sony Nex-5n 18-55 with OISon