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Rangevideo or flycamonev2, range of control, final questions...(OSD, gps etc)

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Default Rangevideo or flycamonev2, range of control, final questions...(OSD, gps etc)

I'm trying to finally get either of these two setups.. from what i can tell, to go with the servo flycamone, the total will run me about $125.. not bad, but no way to overlay OSD, or maybe there is.. My other option, is the standard 900mhz, 500mw, rangevideo (191 camera)/setup.. this setup appears to be about $375 plus shipping (without OSD in that price).. Iwas hoping for more like $300.

So a few questions.. with the 500mw, rangevideo says this is 0.6 miles range.. is this about right (3000 feet or so?).. I have an older futaba fm transmitter (6 channel).. what would its maximum control range be (what would it take to be able to go as far as say 5000 feet, both video tx mw or plane transmitter controller)?

My plane i'll be doing this on, is the twinstar II (, brushless setup.. Full details are here. Basically i use 3200mah batteries for the plane itself and brushless motors for a combined 23 amps i think.. it weighs around 45.2oz (stock setup would have been 53oz) and climbs really well as is.

Any thoughts on this above, or what i was going to order below.. any way to trim this down? Iwas considering the "poor mans OSD", see below, for around $117 from a guy on the rcgroups forum (for now, until going rangevideo OSD, or maybe eagle tree, not sure which b/w eagle tree elogger and Rangevideo is better??)


OPTIONA: Flycamonev2, possibly using eagle tree elogger, they state that there is onboard recording of a file which could be played back as a video file and hence overlayed onto the flycamonev2 video feed (chroma key).. not sure which eagle tree devices i need here, but i think just the base unit and the altimeter and speed sensors (not the OSD).

OPTIONB: Rangevideo wireless ($375 b4 osd, gps etc and shipping)
At any rate, with the rangevideo setup, i estimate, with a 500mah battery pack, ill be adding 4.5oz of weight to the plane, which isnt too bad (51oz or so total weight). WIth the RV setup, i would hook up the video receiver to my laptop USB capture device to record the video.

Here are the range video parts i was going with, if this route:
$295 combo kit with kx 191 camera (is this cam pretty decent, even with night time ability)? This combo set seemed to be about $50 higher than i thought buying individually would be, but i may have been missing a part or two.
$50 Twinstar mount kit
$15 TX Battery (3s 500mah 20C 11.1v with JST female? plug, 41.4g) *should power things for 51 minutes (2 total batteries in plane, this one plus my 3200mah pack)
$24? RX battery pack with female deans plug (800-950mah? cellpro brand perhaps?)
*I'm not clear on whether the rangevideo rhino battery pack can be charged by my 2 year old fma direct cellpro 4s or if fma has an adapter.


elogger, complete OSD/GPS, $309 total plus (Fma copilot needed?)

rangevideo OSD, these guys offer a $355 package, but it includes GPS return to home, which is great, but if i just want basic OSD that can be interfaced easily, its a bit pricey (though i think for $355 you must add fma copilot to it, so higher cost, and probably the same is true with elogger)

cheaper OSD, but again, not sure how it interfaces or if it does onboard recording of a file: ($174 US)..

cheapest OSD, remzibiOSD, $117 or so total, even has some limitted GPS, but no return to sender (can this return to home be added on?)

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