i agree with you that is is very sad that AW closed their doors. However, I feel they left all their followers hanging by not trying to help those that just recently purchase ARF's to build that may need replacement hardware. For example, the 7/32 nose wheel steering arm that needed to be modified by the builder due to the fact the supplied item did not work properly. In the process of modification I screwed mine up. I have been searching high and low for a replacement but can only find a steering arm to fit a 5/32 wire and nothing larger. I tried to contact them the week before they closed up and got no reply. I am not happy with the way they closed their business. In the meantime I am trying to find a replacement. I know someone out their makes them or they would not be in their kits. Can you or anyone else out there help me? I tried Fults Landing Gear but their is the wrong configuration. Email is
Randy M