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stylus status

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Default stylus status

I have just purchased a 2.4 module for my Stylus tx. I was just wondering about two things. Is Airtronics going to support this tx as far as battery packs for this transmitter and lithium battery replacement for this transmitter? How about radio repair and service on the Stylus? The module is on sale for $39.99 and this low price has me wondering all of a sudden about the status of the Stylus. I know that it is old technology but it is a very nice radio. Does anyone on team Airtronics have any info?
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Default RE: stylus status

I think Sanwa stopped production of the Airtronics Stylus along with some other "Mhz" radios this year. This might explain the 39,99$

Still, you can get a new Stylus if you want from Sanwa Online shop. But it would come with an Japanese manual only.

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Default RE: stylus status

We can still do most repairs on a Stylus and today we "rebuild" the battery box rather than selling new ones as Sanwa no longer produces them.

The radio is out of production.

Note that any receivers you bought to work with your Stylus would also work with an SD-10G, 6G, or 5G or RDS8000 if you were to purchase those at a later date.

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