Hi Guys,
I have both the RDS 8000 and my 10G. I had the RDS 8000 first and all my flying models were flying with this transmitter. When I bought my 10G, I just did a re-bind to the 10G and reset the 10G to each models flight controles. All went well in the beginning...but then I started to lose models. Two for sure were loss of signal accidents and one is questionable. I would just lose control of the model in the air...and they would go in...the last one so hard, it was a full re-kit, with ripped out servo's and broken engine.

After this last loss, I contacted Airtronics and was told that they were sorry for my loss, but it was either pilot error, a switch or dead battery. I went to their web site, and found that there was a service notice out on the 10G. I looked up my TX serial number, and my trasmitters s/n was in the group that was to be turned in for an updated fix. I was never notified that there was an issue with my Tx by Airtronics...and all I've flown since 1987 has been Airtronics, before this it was Kraft. It would have been nice if I was notified back in the beginning, when they first informed us of this problem and posted this on their web page.

Airtronics was mailed my Tx a week ago. I tried to call them today, but only received their automated answer machine. They have always been most gracious and have given me the best support over the years. Now that my Tx is in house...I'll have them udate all of it to the new production standards.

I'm a bit disappointed...but it would be nice if Airtronics in the future would notify us of problems or issues with any of their gear directly. I have never gone to their web page before...and never felt the need to before.

Soft Lanings Always,
Bobby of Maui