OK, this is huge ATTABOY for Airtronics.

I have been an Airtroincs user for years. I currently have the SD10G and love it. I still have 2 working Competition Series 7 channel radios, a working Vision 8 channel, a still in very good shape 8 channel Stylus (all now retired). I just wadded up my 60 pound 1/3 scale L19 Bird Dog. It lost both stabs in flight and the airplane went in nose first. We had to dig the DLE111 out of the dirt. I actually have a video of the crash if you are interested. When I got everything home in many trash bags, I pulled the radio out and plugged everything in. All of the Airtronics MG digital servos were working. The standard Airtronics digital servo mounted behind the engine was crushed. The 10 channel receiver worked (it was still bound!) but I was concerned that after that kind of a crash something might be loose inside. So off it went to Airtronic's service department. It got to them yesterday and I got a call today that the receiver was not damaged and the total cost including postage back to me was about $20.

Great product!

Great service!

Great value!

Thanks Airtronics!