I'm setting up a 40% Yak with a SD10G and a Smart Fly EQ6 power board. The EQ6 will let you set center and adjust endpoints in the power board for each servo while everything on the TX is set to zero. My problem is the servos change center point after I set the end point adjustment on the EQ6. Right now I'm trying to set the elevator servos.I called Quest engineering and asked what I was doing wrong and he tried to walk me through calibration of the EQ6. Only half the board would calibrate and he told me the transmitter must have a channel that is not centered. As far as I know the SD10G will take into account multiple servos when you choose multiple or single servos in the TYPE screen during setup. The guy from Quest, who admitted he was not familiar with Airtronics, thinks there is a switch that seperates the channels on the elevator ( like dual elevator mixing on the RDS8000) that is not zeroed out causing the board to see a channel that is off center to start with which is keeping it from calibrating. My question is am I missing something on the SD10G that is causing one of the elevator channels not to see zero, all of the trims are set to zero and the centering on the surface screen are all set to zero. I don't know anywhere else that would keep the channels from being zeroed. Any help is appreciated, right now I'm stuck. Gary