Hello fellow Airtronics users,

Does anyone remember how to get the flaps function on the Module 7SP radio to work properly. There is a 3 position switch to control the flaps. It is labelled E-F, F1-E and F2-E. There are 2 trimmers, Flap Trim and F2. In the E-F and F2-E positions the Flap Trim allow you to adjust from either endpoint a small amount. F-E position lets the Flap2 Trim adjust around the center position of the servo....like half flaps. Even weirder, the slider on the left side of the TX moves the flap almost half throw too in reverse of the Trim setting. This is just weird.

I had a Module 7P in the past and currently two Spectra radios. They have 3 trim pots. This allow one to adjust the up flap position, set a F1 position and a F2 position. Dead simple.....easy to use. The Module manual says the 7SP should behave like this, it is in error.

Anyone remember how to make flaps work properly on the Module 7SP?