I and my flying buddy have Airtronics RDS800 systems. He recently bought a Dynam AT-6 and I bought the Dynam P-47 somewhat later. At the field he mentioned that the Dynam electric retracts wouldn't work with his Airtronics system. I didn't believe him until installing the Airtronics receiver in my P-47. I tried changing the end point settings, reversing, flipped the retract switch dozens of times. Finally one of the two gears retracted but wouldn't extend (both share a Y connection). Both gears work fine using a Hobby King servo driver. He found that the gear in his AT-6 worked ok with a Spektrum transmitter and receiver. This makes no sense to me as the encoding scheme used in everyone's standard radios I thought to be identical.

Why isn't the RDCS8000 system compatible with these electric retracts? Is there a workaround? I've always flown Airtronics and never had an issue before.

Thanks for any help! Rich T