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daniZZ 08-19-2010 02:40 PM

Airtronics TX charger Help
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A quick question.

I have a Ansmann W3 40MHz transmitter witch is similar to Airtronics MX-SPORT. I need specifications of the charger for that TX. If anybody has the same TX and has the charger for it could you please post a picture with the top of the charger (they have there specifications of voltage, charge current and jack polarity)

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coriolan 08-19-2010 07:15 PM

RE: Airtronics TX charger Help
The only thing which matter is the battery capacity and plug polarity, then you can charge over night at 1/10 capacity rate like any Nicad or Nimh. You might have to check the polarity at the charging socket,but if same as Airtronic the center pin is positive (Only JR/Spektrum is different). If you can't get any reading at the socket it mean there is a diode somewhere to protect against reverse polarity while charging. Since it is an off brand Tx maybe sold only locally its hard to know exactly, many of these are rebranded radios made for a specific retail outlet so you might have to do some PC board measuring to know what is what. The battery capacity and type should be somewhere on a label. Just did a search and found their site:
A German company, the radio indeed look sort like the old Airtronic 3 chanels for surface use. They have a pdf of the manual:
Instructions in English,German,French but not a word about the charger, this radio seems to be sold as dry cell .

skyking86 09-17-2010 10:28 AM

RE: Airtronics TX charger Help
I just got off the phone with an Airtronics tech. I had to send in my little $50 Airtronics transmitter for service and discovered a few facts. There is a -34 charger that is used for the lower battery count transmitters. The old one is too much for the new tech. And my problem was that the battery compartment made my batteries not make contact. Three sets and they didn't make contact.... so check that first. Count the batteries in your transmitter - if less than 8 you are recommended to get the newer charger.

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