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    AMT airstart Mercury help!

    Hi any help please

    I am trying to help a club mate sort his acquired AMT mercury in a model he bought

    First a confession I am a jetcat flyer and so have no knowledge of AMT, but I have used turbines and read the manual

    Anyway it is all wired , plugged and plumbed in. (3s lippo on ECU (cheacked with AMT this was ok)) Start unit has air , gas and power

    Tried to programme his JR tx (2.4) for throttle and three postion switch

    throttle ok but the three postion switch appears to be an issue

    I went through the AMT manual's method. I get the off beep Ok, the middle power beep but the high end start postion just continously beeps. Occasionaly it goes into the error routine of 5 beeps and then a different sixth beep. I have tried programming throttle, full and closed while programming the switch. I have tried reversing the switch and reprogramming all to no avail.

    I checked the plug by removing it and putting it into a prop glow start unit and the plug appears fine. I have checked all the leads and they appear ok and connected correctly

    The only other thing I noticed during all this is his EGT read out on the start box appears to be jumping all over the place at times, checked all its connections seems ok

    I am running out of ideas.

    Any help appreciated


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    RE: AMT airstart Mercury help!


    If the EGT value jumps it's offen a problem occuring by a bad wiring of the plug. Please check if the wirese to the plug connection are of the right thickness and if the connection made correct.

    Please for my information what type of engine is it exactly.

    - Mecury airstart
    - ECU type (version number and software release)

    As stated in the manual early versions had a problem with the direction of the servo movement. Please check if the transmiter controls the servo in the correct way. If not please reverse servo direction.
    Also check if all wires of the plug are disconnected for the turbine the EGT is normal.


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    RE: AMT airstart Mercury help!

    Hi Ray

    thanks for the reply, I was trying here on RCU over the weekend, if we could not sort it I was going to contact Bennie next week.

    I have been in email with him a couple of weeks agoand gave him the new owner details and serial numbers for the turbine/ ECU, he also advised on the how to charge the EDT.

    The turbine serial number is NL3315, I think it dates from around the year 2000 I do not have the software release with me, the model is with it owner 30km away from me, I think from memory the software is in the early 5.x' s

    On the throttle the ASU dispay was showing 0% to 100% in the correct way for the throttle. I tried the three postion switch both ways and re programmed using the manuals procedure, again I can see on the ASU the switch going through each position setting ie off, power down and start.

    It just gives me either continous beeps or 5+1 beep at the on postion. I tried programming the switch with throttle at full and at low, seems to make no difference

    I am feeling it is an issue with EGT so will get him to to check all the conections and polarity of the temp sensor

    Any other thoughts appreciated, mean while we will do these checks and give an update over the weekend

    regards Ian

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    RE: AMT airstart Mercury help!

    Ok  bit of an update

    Checked the EGT connections all seemed ok
    Recharged, re programmed the three postion with trim above mid

    same result with error or continous beeps at on position.

    spun the turbine with air, rpm read out  stuck at a number, looks like it is the RPM sensor. so do you think this is the problem, if yes we will order a new one (or two!) rpm sensors

    thanks for your support,



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