Hello people!

I need help! Some of my engines need maintenance.

I'm from Brazil and I have two AMT 180sp and two AMT 280.

I'm getting no answer from UsMicroJet or Netherlands. Do you know someone with I can talk?

Here are my problems:

The ECU from one 180sp only works with 11volt batteries. If I try the 7,2v I will get an error message. Supply Low error.
This same ECU fluctuate the EGT. It suddenly read the temperature to -50 Celsius and goes back to normal. It is not the thermocouple.
I couldn’t test it with the working order ECU but the engine fluctuate the thrust in middle range and when I move back the throttle. It sounds like a hi-pressure air hose with no one holding it.

The ECU from one 280 make the engine stall if I throttle up too fast and only goes to 110K rpm probably ECU software version.
One 280 engine have a serious mechanical problem. It is overheating badly. It is passing 1000Celsius. I know it is the engine, because I test it with the other one components.

If someone could help I will be glad.