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GP edge 540t (electric)

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Default GP edge 540t (electric)

This post is to get your opinion on something for the ARFedge540

I'am not a noob to flying or some 3D .I bought the electricfly greatplanes 50" edge 540t
The question (opinion) that im asking, what "KV" motor do u think i should use to do good 3D with.Dont worry about the ESC if Ihave to.. i will get the proper ESC with it.

The motor that i will be using is a outrunner brushless.. Icurrently have a 910 KV , 650 KV motor. I was thinking of getting a 1300KV. I also have a 2100KV from one of my dead jets.Do you think the 2100KV is to much. I know that what prop that i use makes a big difference.FYI I will be using a APC13x6e prop

WHAT KV would you suggest
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Default RE: GP edge 540t (electric)

How many series cells will you use? It makes a difference. Just a wild guess is to use the 910 with 3s and 650 with 4s . Recommended motor is 800 kv , right? But that is on 4s I think.

This may also help?
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