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Traxxas_Man_KY 03-25-2012 11:52 AM

Edge vs. Extra ?
Can someone explain the differences between a Edge and a Extra? Also ..... 260 - 300 - 330 ..... is this just a size difference? Oh..... Gas or Nitro? The DLE motors seem reasonably priced.

Von Ohain 03-25-2012 12:12 PM

RE: Edge vs. Extra ?
Edge and Extra is 2 different makes of (acrobatic) planes.
260 - 300 and 330 is different model numbers of Extra, where Extra model numbers is a mystery so don't try to apply logics to them.
Their flying characteristics is indistinguishable as models, as their characteristics as a model depends much more on which brand model it is, than which full scale plane its supposed to imitate.
Personally I prefer the (Composite ARF) Extra 330, for no better reason than appearance, and because I got one myself.

Traxxas_Man_KY 03-25-2012 12:19 PM

RE: Edge vs. Extra ?
I'm really liking the Extreme Flight Extra 300 78" ARF...... Is the Extreme Flight worth the money or should I look at another brand of Extra?

hrrcflyer 03-25-2012 12:20 PM

RE: Edge vs. Extra ?

The only major deifference bertween the Extra and the Edge is in the wing. The wing on the Edge is straight on the leading edge and the Extra has a tepered leading edge. This means that the edge will naturally track straighter in a loop than the Extra, but the extra rolls more consistently than the Edge. I've heard that the Edge does better 3D than the Extra, but since I do not fly 3D, I cannot attest to that. The numerical differences in the Extra's was based on the engine used in the full size plane. There were other differences as well in wing shape and location. I believe the best Extra ever produced was the Extra 260. It is the best flying Extra I've seen.

To answer your last question, I gave up on glow a couple of years ago. All of my planes are either gas or electric. My current project is the Aeroworks 60-90 that I am putting a Rimfire 80 in with a 5S pack, but the smaller gas motors are becomming very popular.

Good luck with your decision. You really cannot go wrong with either plane.....:D:D


speedracerntrixie 03-25-2012 12:20 PM

RE: Edge vs. Extra ?
Talking full sacle, The Edge originally had a flat tail section. It was updated to airfoil. Thye really big difference between an Edge and an Extra is that the Edge has no taper on the leading edge of the wing. All Extra's do.

Now history of the Extra. Originally there was the Extra 230. It had a mid wing and flat tail section. The 230 was designed to compete with the Laser. The 260 was next and is best known for taking Patty Wagstaff to 3 world championships. It was a little cleaner then the 230, airfoil tail section, mid wing , some composite construction and had more power. Walter Extra assigned the numbers 230, 260, 300 for the HP ratings of the engines used. The 300 mid wing was next. Two place mid wing with 300 HP, that was followed by the 300L low wing 2 place, still 300 HP and the 300S Low wing single place. The latest I think is a 300 SX which is a cleaned up version for the Red Bull races. The current HP available I think is 330. The funny thing is that to the best of my knowledge there is not a full scale Extra 330 regestered. Someone ordered a 300S with larger elevators and rudder. the owner of that aircraft designated it as a 330 but in fact regestered it as a 300.

For R/C, I think the Extra flys a bit smoother and lends it'self to IMAC type flying better then the Edge. The Edge does not want to do snap rolls and spin entries as well as an Extra. The wing planform is just to stable to get good clean stalls out of. Both will 3D but that is more of a matter of setup then actual design

TimBle 04-11-2012 02:58 AM

RE: Edge vs. Extra ?
good assessment speed racer.<div>
</div><div>Only thing I'll correct is that to get the Edge to enter into stalls and snaps the pilot has to play around with CG more, bringing the Edge to a point of being nearly pitch sensitive.</div><div>It will recover from nasty situations better due to the stability its wing lends to the design.</div><div>
</div><div>The Zivko Edge History can be found here http://www.zivko.com/edge/index.html</div>

69 roadrunner 04-16-2012 11:59 AM

RE: Edge vs. Extra ?
I fly a aerowork 100cc extra and friend flys comp 100cc edge. The extra flys much better and edge stalls easer. That is the overall opinion off everyone that flys them at our field. Plus the extra 3ds better

TexasAirBoss 04-16-2012 01:39 PM

RE: Edge vs. Extra ?
Back in the early 1990's, Edge was an American company that manufactured an after-market wing . I think it cost about $80k back then. You would buy one and retro fit it to your Laser200. This was essentially the only American made unlimited class aerobatic airplane. The 540 refers to the IO540 Lycoming engine. It is a huge six cylinder aircraft engine. I'm not certain if/when Edge began manufacturing entire airplanes, but I think they do.

As for the Extra, that is a German airplane company. The 260, 300, and 330 refer to the various Continental engines used and the various wing locations, low vs. mid.

As was mentioned, both airplanes are very similar. The Edge design iseasily a decade newer and incorporates somemore desirable geometry, namely the straighter leading edge. Less snappy when you want to yank up hard on it. And the mid wing geometry is optimal.

As for the models, well, any advantage the real Edge might have over the Extra is often lost is translation.

TimBle 04-17-2012 01:59 AM

RE: Edge vs. Extra ?


ORIGINAL: 69 roadrunner

I fly a aerowork 100cc extra and friend flys comp 100cc edge. The extra flys much better and edge stalls easer. That is the overall opinion off everyone that flys them at our field. Plus the extra 3ds better
this is a fairly subjective view. the aerodynamics will tell you one thing. that design characteristic may not transfer to all pilots of equal ability.

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