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Red7fifty 09-17-2003 08:24 AM

How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
Hi RCU Pilots!
Doing a little survey for those that would like to share with the rest of us, how many airplanes you currently own, (or have owned), what types, how many years you have been in the hobby and other R/C stuff you would like to share.
I've been in the hobby for over 20 years, and currently am finishing up my 33% Extra 330L. I curently have more than 2 dozen planes, Kit's and ARF's, including:
(4) Extras from 33% to 10%
(2) P-40's 1/5th and .40 size
(2) P-51's .40 and .10
(2) Cub's Std and Clipped
.40 Cap 232
.40 Spitfire
.60 Pusher F-18
Kadet Jr.
Littlest Stick
Fokker Triplane
Thanks for sharing!!!! Post pics if you would like, too!!!!

daveopam 09-17-2003 10:19 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
Sounds fun to me. I'll go from most recent back. Only listing the ones I still have in one piece.
H-9 Funtana S/ Saito.72/ JR 642
Kyosho GeeBee/.72/Futaba Sky-6
H-9 Pizzaz/.72/JR Max-6
Goldberg ULT./ST.90/Futaba Sky-6
Goldberg Tiger 2 ARF/ Enya .50/ SKY-4
Sig Suhkio/ST 3250/ JR max-6
PT.40/ST.45/ Sky -6

I could list the ones I have turned back into kits, but I would wear out the keyboard.
15 years of flying and 10 totaled planes. Thankfully it's been 3 years since my last BOOM!
Later David

hilleyja 09-17-2003 02:30 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
I'll also start from the back but will have to make this a multi-session response.

1) Aeroworks Extra 300L Profile (ARF) -w- Moki 180
2) Creek Hobbies Sukhoi 31M (120) -w- OS FX 1.60
3) U-Can-Do 3D -w- Saito FA-100
4) SPA3D -w- OS FX .46 -- under repair
5) Stop Sign Pizza Box -w- Magnum XL .28
6) Model Tech Magic Xtra -w- OS SX .50
7) Hanger 9 Ultra Stick (60) -w- Saito FA-100
8) Hanger 9 Cap 232 (73") Mat Chapman (RIP) ==> under new management
9) Hanger 9 Cap 232 (73") Yellow Custom Graphics -- hangar queen
10) Delta Pizza Box -w- OS FX .25 -- under construction
11) Li Bubba -w- Norvel Big Mig .061 -- under construction
12) J&C Hobbies Fun Bat -w- OS .15 CV-A
13) Global Tequila Sunrise (40) -- hangar queen
14) Sig Ultimate Fun Fly -w- OS FX .46
15) OK Models EZ Cap (RIP) ==> under new management
16) Sig Fazer (40) -- hangar queen
17) (2) Trick Zagi -- hangar queens
18) Hitec Sky Scooter -- hangar queen
19) Model Tech ME-109 -w- Webra Silverline .40 -- under repair -- hangar queen
20) World Models P-40 Warhawk -w- Saito 74
21) GP Ultra Sport (40) -w- Thunder Tiger Pro .46
22) Lanier 120 Stinger -- still in box
23) Hobby Hanger OV-10 -- still in box
23) Uravich 80" OV-10 -- under construction
24) ACE 1/2 Cap -- still in box
25) Sig Wonder -- still in box
26) Lanier Shrike (40) -- still in box
27) Lanier Shrike (40) -- under construction
28) GP Ultra Sport (60) -- hanger queen

WhtBronco 09-17-2003 07:37 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
Wow do I feel out classed here, I only have 2 right now. I have been flying R/C planes for 15 years now, and have crashed a bunch of them. Actually I have crashed all of them given enough time. My wife would shoot me if i tried to buy engines and radios for a dozen or more planes.

Currently I have:
Dave Patrick Ultimate 40/Saito 72 I love this plane.
Tower Fun 51/ST 40 - still covering it.

Re-kitted planes, well the ones I can remember:
Duraplane - junk.
Hobbico Ultimate Bipe w/ST 60 on a tuned pipe.
Hobbico Stick
Hobbico Viper
Thunder Tiger Champion 45L - maiden flight loss.
GP Ugly Stick
GP Super Sportster 40 & 60
Goldberg Super Chipmunk
King Cobra
Goldberg Mirage 550
Graupner - some high wing plane
Golberg Sophisticated Lady
Goldberg Gentle Lady
Sig Riser 100 - survived 10 years
Kyosho Stratus 1600 - lost due to thermals too good and it wouldn't come down, even inverted. Needless to say I never saw it again and vowed to never fly another glider without spoilers.

Kyosho Concept 30 - sold

krayzc-RCU 09-17-2003 07:43 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
1 Attachment(s)
about 11

1Jimbo 09-17-2003 07:49 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
8 combat planes:)

Eaglewatch 09-17-2003 08:45 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
Assembled & framed up: 22
Kits: 60
Re-kitted: 3


Al Parry

JohnVH 09-17-2003 09:59 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
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This is an old pic, I got rid of a couple here, and got a few new ones.. Not in pic are my 33% sukhoi, BVM F-86 sabre, whiplash, FF Taco. Last I counted I had 10+ models RTF with Rx's and batt's in them.

Red7fifty 09-18-2003 09:35 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
1 Attachment(s)
Wow!! Thanks for all the fast replies so far. Please keep them coming and the pictures too. It is interesting to share the hobby with fellow fliers/modelers.
Whtbronco-I hope you really don't feel outclassed by anyone. Even with my 33% Extra that I am finishing up seems small compared to all the 40%'s that are out at my flying club. Even guys with smaller planes (.40-.60 sized) some can still outfly many of the guys out at the field. I think the most important thing is to remember to enjoy this hobby, and be safe while doing so. After all, it must be fulfilling if you've been in it for 15 years.;)
Here is my picture from this year's IMAC contest. It is my 1/4 scale Sig Extra, FPE 2.4 gas, all Futaba.

beardking 09-18-2003 09:37 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
I had to do a list to see how many I had. Right now I'm only flying one, but I have 2 that are getting really close to flying again. Here's the list.

H9 Ultrastick (fly all the time)

Close to flying:
GP RV-4 (about to cover)
GP Dazzler (trying to decide if I want to sell)
GP Ultimate (needs new crystal)

Waiting in the wings:
Sig Cap (waiting on experience)
Balsa USA Taube (kit)
Scratch UglyStick (Kit)

Tower Trainer 40
H9 Ultrastik
Stangel Skylark 40

deckerv 09-18-2003 09:50 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
I started flying 21 or so years ago. My dad couldn't afford to keep flying the fullscale planes, so we both got into flying these together...

Hmmm.. currently own:

1) H9 Cap 232 Matt Chapman
2) Byron Pitts
3) Goldberg Sukhoi
4) Goldberg Extra
5) Goldberg Chipmunk
6) Goldberg Ultimate (kit form)
7) 2d Autogyro (kit form)
8) Adrian Paige Geebee R2 .60 (kit form)
9) DG-505 composite sailplane 143"
10) GSP Staudacher (90")
11) Great Planes Cap 21 72"
12) Aero Composites Pheonix 8
13) RCM Funster
14) MK Blue Angel 60
15) Sig Extra 300
16) Aerojet Whiplash
17) Kavan Projeti
18) Dynaflite Bushwacker (kit form)
19) Bob Parkinson Avro Arrow (for sale, kit NIB with all wood :) )
20) Telemaster 66
21) Craft-Air Scout 15 (21 years old that my dad and I learned to fly on, plus I have a NIB kit that I'm going to build for old times sake)
22) Ace AllStar bipe (21 years old, never flown :) )
23) Astro Flight ASK 18 sailplane (kit form)
24) Wing Mfg P-38 (kit form)
25) parts of my first RC plane... a Cox American Eagle single channel glider

Helicopers, only my R30 that you see in my avitar :(

f2titan 09-18-2003 09:32 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
Been flying on, and off for about 20 years. Current line up is...

1) Hanger 9 Ultra Stick 60 with a Saito 100.
2) Hanger 9 Super Stick 40 with a OS 50SX.
3) UCD 3D 46. Currently under construction. Thanks Justin! (My son):)

All controlled with a Futaba 9Z WCII.

Red7fifty 09-25-2003 06:43 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
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I counted the Littlest Stick as only 1 airplane, but have built 7 so far.......here is a pic of a few of them.

carrellh 09-25-2003 11:28 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
1 Attachment(s)
I'm a new flyer (less than 2 years). My hangar is small:

Rekitted: Hobbico Hobbistar 60 (it's in the trash)

Flying, on buddy box:
Global Right Flyer 60H ARF, TT-61 Pro, Futaba 6XAS, 3004 servos

Ready to fly:
Sig Astro Hog, OS 70 Surpass, Futaba receiver and 3004 servos

Under Construction:
Great Planes PT-60 kit, ASP 61, Hitec receiver and servos

Planes I want:
Sig Four Star 60 with OS 91 Surpass II
Sportsman Waco 60 with OS 91 Surpass II
Ultra Stick 60 or Big Stick 60 with OS 91 Surpass II

I see a theme developing and it all comes back to wanting a really cool plane for the engine I have tucked away in the closet. I guess I need to finish learning to fly, and pick a plane.

iflircaircraft 10-02-2003 01:06 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
I have several, but not as many as I have years flying.

Cessna 182 skylane (built from Top Flite kit) 82" wingspan, 91 4-stroke
Super Skybolt Bipe (built from GP kit) 57 1/2" wingspan 1.08 2-stroke
Hangar 9 Pizzaz (ARF) 48" wingspan 72 4-stroke
Sig Ninja Slope soarer (built from kit) 55" wingspan.....(towed from Cessna)
Ultra Sport 40 (hangar queen, built from kit)
Newly acquired Tiger Moth (Don't know manufacturer) 45 3/4" wingspan 48 4-stroke
GP Cherokee 56" wingspan,(built from kit) not in service!

That's it!
Next plane?!!....GSP Corsair for XMAS?? Still researching!

promag 10-02-2003 09:37 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
I´m in hobby from 40 years. Stop between 85 and 97 ( too much work!). Restart and now have the following planes

Sig Clipped Wing Cub - YS 120 AC
Top Flite Mustang ( from year 72 kit!)- ST .51 - first RC kit
Sig Kadet modified (from year 74) - OS .40
Cloud Kitten - OS .15
World Models J-3 Cub - OS .91 4storkes
World Models Extra 300 - YS 120 AC
World Models CAP 232 - OS 160 FX
Lanier Stinger 120 - Moki 180
Lanier Giant Stinger - G-62
Hangar 9 PT-19 - G-23
World Models Super Chipmunk - MDS .68
House of Balsa PT-19 - OS .25 FX
Sig SE - Saito .72
Sig Skybolt - Thunder Tiger .61
LEM Edge 540 T 27 % - Kroma 45 (local manufacturer)
Dynaflite Super Decathlon - G-26 Hanson (under construction)
GP Super Aeromaster ( in box)
Sig Spacewalker - OS 160 FT (in box)
Midwest G-202 - Moki 1.35 9 (in box)
Top Flite AT-6 - OS 120 4 Strokes (in box)
Schlutter Hely Baby - Webra .45 ( from 1986)
Schlutter Hely Boy - Horlein .60 ( inbox from 1979)
and some U-control planes, old engines and old radios and crashed RC planes!
Nice and strange hobby!! Now looking ahead for job retirement !!!


a68fan 10-02-2003 09:50 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
Not near enough!!


deputydog 10-02-2003 10:39 AM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
Well, it's almost impossible to to list them all. I've been in the hobby for 11 years and have built/assembled about 95 planes for me or others. I've slowed down these last couple years and have only built/assembled 5 this year(but i still have 3 more months!).
If I dont like the plane, I'll sell it in a heartbeat! my current stable is;

Yellow P-38 Lightening
Aeroworks 31% Edge
H-9 Funtana
CG Extreme 330

I just got the GP Christen Eagle last night and am on the list for an ExtremeFlight YAK-54. Gotta love this hobby!!!!!

visioneer_one 10-02-2003 11:47 AM

Too. Damned. Many.
Flying[*]Dave Patrick Ultimate Bipe ARF .40 w/ YS .63 4C[*]WM Zen 50 #2 w/ YS .63 4C[*]WM P-51 Mustang .40 w/ Saito .91 4C[*]Zagi-400X w/ stock Speed 400 & 8-cells[*]GP Electrostreak w/ Astro FAI 15, 10 cells[*]Clancy Lazy Bee w/ Astro 05G, 8-10 cells[*]DJ Aerotech Wizard-E w/ Astro 010 brushless motor, 7-cells[*]Zagi-EPP #2[*]DAW TG-3 #2[*]NSP CF Sparrow #2[*]NSP Opus[*]Dynaflite Bird of Time (will fly again once I've vacuumed the ants out of the fuse. Its a long story.)[*]Weston Magic II #2 (a beauty)[*]DJ Aerotech Spectre VR HLG[*]DJ Aerotech Wizard HLG #3[*]DJ Aerotech Chrysalis HLG[*]TF Antares[*]Mueller Mini-Ellipse (it lives. Again.)[*]Patton Spitfire EPP[*]Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 w/ TT .50. All stock 'cept for the SAB 600's.

In the build queue[*]ACP 2M Starship. Got bit by the sailplane bug again! Gotta build the wing wiring harness and a custom rx battery pack.
[*]H9 Ultra Stick 1.20 w/ MVVS 1.60 gasser. This is the all-white version. I'm going to mimic the US .40 trim scheme.
[*]DP Extra 330L w/ BME 50. Waiting on a new canopy and some covering...

Pending repair[*]GP U-Can-Do-3D ARF #2 w/ YS .91AC. Attempted a low rolling circle... with 3D rates turned on. Used too much rudder and snapped out. Dinged the wing and tailfeathers.
[*]ACP Starling. The wing folded at altitude, but the bulletproof kevlar fuselage (pun intended) survived the 300'+ plunge into the rocks. Amazing.
Looking for a new wing.

Boxed up[*]Dave Patrick Ultimate Bipe 1.20 ARC w/ MVVS 1.60 gasser.[*]H9 27% Cap 232 w/ ZDZ 60. http://home.earthlink.net/~dojbofh/i...le/thumbup.gif[*]GP 33% Pitts S2B w/ Taurus TS-52 gasser.[*]GP 78" Extra 300S ARF w/ Taurus TS-52 gasser.[*]GP 25% PT-19 w/ RCS 1.40 gasser.[*]Creek Hobbies/GSP 72" Katana S w/ FPE 2.4 gasser.[*]WM Super Sports Senior w/ RCS 1.40 gasser.[*]Sig Seniorita KIT. Eventual electric conversion w/ an Astro 15G. Someday.[*]Hobby Lobby Raptor w/ Aveox F10LMR.[*]CSD Vortex w/ Aveox 1406/2y.[*]NSP Schpotdorker Lite.[*]F3B Eagle (no it isn't for sale)[*]Dynaflite Bobcat. Will most likely build this one up and give it away.[*]Goldberg Sophisticated Lady.[*]DJ Aerotech Chrysalis HLG (spare kit)[*]DJ Aerotech Wizard HLG (spare kit - now discontinued! http://home.earthlink.net/~dojbofh/i...smile/uhoh.gif)[*]DJ Aerotech Wizard Lite HLG (spare kit #2. Did I mention that I Really Like This Plane?)[*]DJ Aerotech Chrysalis 2M.

ISO[*]Wild Hare 78" Edge 540 ARF. On order. In white. Got a ZDZ-40 waiting for it, but may go with a 60 instead.[*]H9 Clipped-Wing Taylorcraft. Also have a ZDZ-40 waiting for it. :D[*]WM Fun-3D ARF... will go nicely w/ one of my MVVS 1.60 gassers...[*]a .60 -or- a 1.20-sized Spitfire ARF ... will only get one if I ball-up (or sell) the P-51.[*]an 80"+ Cub. Will cover / paint in "Selous Game Preserve" trim, as seen here.

Sold / Gave Away / RIP[*]Detailed in post # 188 & post #189, as the list put me over the 10,000-character-per-post limit http://home.earthlink.net/~dojbofh/i.../eek-blink.gif

Honorable mention
Goldberg Mirage 550 w/ a weird Graupner Speed 600/planetary gearbox, 8 cells and a 12x10 prop (!)
This is the plane I **finally** soloed on. Its a hand-me-hand-me-hand-me-down - it was given to me by the bloke that taught me to fly. He learned to fly with it; it was given to him by the bloke that taught him to fly. He learned to fly with it; it was given to him by the bloke that taught him who built and learned to fly with it!! whew! Its pretty ratty but I just can't throw away something with that much history.

SunShyne 10-02-2003 04:10 PM

RE: Too. Damned. Many.
Visioneer thats a healthy list you got there!!

Currently flying:

1. VectorFlight Extra 300s w/ Saito 91
2. Kyosho Spitfire w/ a TT 46
3. Multiplex Twinjet (2) permax Speed 480's with gunthers
4. Seagull Models Pilatus PC-9 w/ a 46FX
5. Great Planes Giles 202 25% w/ a 1.60FX

Hanger queen:

1. Great Planes CAP 21 (old 80's kit)

In the mail or on the way:

1. Hobbico Skyvista
2. Hanger 9 CAP 232

also got some more coming this winter to prep for spring. Ill post pics soon of my modest fleet

matt [sm=RAINFRO.gif]

SilverEagle2 10-02-2003 04:41 PM

My Hangar
1 - Lanier Shrike 40 w/1972 OS MAX - H .40
2 - Lanier 17.5% G-202 1 w/ K&B .40 Other is hanger queen
1 - Mini Laser 3D w/Hacker B20-L 4:1
1 - GP T-Craft on floats w/ OS Surpass .40
1 - GP UltraSport 40+ w/Saito 72 and retracts
1 - GP Skybolt will have RCS 1.40 on it
1 - GP Patty Wagstaff Extra 300S w/ DA50
1 - Hangar 9 FuntanaS w/ Saito 72
1 - Hobbico SkyVista w/ OS MAX .46 FX
1 - Scratch 35% Extra 300LX w/ DA100
1 - Century Hummingbird stock


Ground Zero 10-02-2003 06:41 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
Been back in the hobby for about a year now. Took a leave of absence but have been flying since 1979. Over the past year I have put together the following planes which are all active....knock on wood.

H9 Pizzaz/ Saito 72
Sig Cap 231EX/ Saito 180
H9 Ultra Stick 120/ Saito 180
Creek Hobbies Quest 3D / YS 110
World Models FunWorld 3D/ YS 140FZ
H9 Funtana/ Saito 72

On the table:
H9 P-51 150/ Saito 180 or YS 140FZ...haven't made up my mind yet

Built in the past year ,flown...sold the airframe:
H9 Sport Cap/ Saito 100
World Models P-51 .40/ YS 91FZ

All controlled by Futaba 9Z WCII Tx & Futaba 9C as a backup Tx

My problem is I can't stop building[sm=greedy.gif]. It is just as much fun as flying!


ChixwithTrix 10-02-2003 09:35 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
1 Attachment(s)
Been flying for about 3 years

My currently flown
1. Modeltech Magic/ OS .46 FX/ JR
2. Great Planes Patty Wagstaff Extra 300s/ Saito 300 twin/ JR
3. Aeroworks 29% Edge 540/ Fox 52/ Hitec, JR
4. Hangar 9 modded 120 Ultra Stick, A.K.A "Trick Stick"/ Saito 180/ JR
Being assembled
Hangar 9 Funtana/ Saito 100/ JR
Still in box (for a while)
Hangar 9 33% Cap 232 going to have DA 100 and JR 8411s
Father's Planes
1. Easy Fly .40 Trainer/ OS .46/ JR
2. My old Sig 4 * 40 (rebuilt)
3. Ugly stick 60/ Zenoah G23/ JR
4. Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 120/ MDS 148/ JR
5. Hangar 9 60 Ultra Stick (unequipped airframe...needs work)/ Saito 100 twin/ Futaba
6. 1/4 Fleet Biplane/ YS 120/ JR
7. Tiny Ultamate Biplane racer that needs a rebuild/ Think it has a .30 something Webra engine/ JR
In Box
Hangar 9 27% Cap 232/ DA 50/ JR


Bruce Rolfe 10-02-2003 09:52 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
Wow I thought I had a few. I now know That I am not worthy. But I have a few


GP UCD with OS.61
H9 Super Stick with K&B 40
PICO CUB Electric


Sig Morresy Bravo Quadra 35
Morris Giant Su-Do-Koi G-38
Kyosho G-202

NIB Kits
AeroPro Laser 200 (Trying to sell, Anyone want it)
(2)Phoenix Models Sukhoi OS 50
Sig Kougar

mAvRiCk-inactive 10-04-2003 08:12 PM

RE: How Many Airplanes Do You Have In Your Hangar?
I am very fortunate to be currently flying all of my planes:

It is awesome to have a Dad to support me in the hobby. I'm 14 and have been flying for 9 months and my dad got me all these planes. :D

1) Hanger 9 FuntanaS w/Saito 72
2) Carl Goldberg Extreme 330 w/O.S.46fx and tower muffler
3) Sig 4 Star w/O.S. 48 4 Stroke
4) 3D Heaven w/Hacker B20 18L+4:1

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