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Sewerdude 06-09-2002 07:37 PM

Tower Kaos ARF
What do you guys think of the Tower Hobbies Kaos ARF? I know the koas has been around for a number of years and proven itself. Is the Tower Kaos build well?.I've been looking for a second plane. I've asked about the Pizazz and the Sig SE, but I think maybe these planes are a little "much" for a second plane. Which I may be wrong. But the Koas looks like it might be a better 2nd plane with the tri landing gear and all. Just wondered it any of you guys have had any luck or heard anything about the Tower Kaos. Also I plan on using a OS 46 FX for my next plane.Will the Kaos be Ok with this engine? Thanks, JT

Shortman 06-09-2002 08:21 PM

Tower Kaos ARF
Kaos is a good plane but my Sig SE flies better and lands MUCH slower

Mike2002 06-09-2002 08:42 PM

Tower Kaos ARF
I asked an experienced pilot if the Kaos would be a good second plane for myself and he told me that it was also a little too much for just a second plane. He told me to look for a semi-semetrical airfoil, high wing with a tricycle landing gear. I found the Hangar 9 Super Stick 40 and went with that. Have not flown the plane yet, so I am not sure what the flight characteristics are.

Lee Belew 06-09-2002 09:13 PM

Tower Kaos 40
I ordered two of these arf a few months back. One for me and one for a friend of mine. Remember this is 40 size pattern plane. No 3D or anything. Not any fun to land either. but a good and precision flyer.
The two planes we received ar the worst 40 arf I have ever seen.
The planes had numerous errors in the construction. The wing half had to have considerable work to make them fis smoothly. when I held the halfs together there was at least a 1/16" gap between the center and the leading and trailing edges. The wing saddles had to be completely re trimed. The firewall was extremely crooked. There was a gap between the top and bottom of the firewall and bottom and top of the fuselage. Had to trim the firewall to get the engine mount and engine to fit without interfering with the side of the fuse. Tower's add says 'Professionally covered with Monokote. The monokote had already been heated to the point that it would not shrink anymore. The covering is the worst I have seen on an arf. The nose gear is very poor quality and bends with the slightest rough landing etc etc etc.
If Tower thinks this is a quality arf, then I will never buy another arf from them.

If you want a good 2nd airplane take a look at the Hanger 9 Ultra Stick 40 and do not install the crow. You will love the way it flies and lands.

Lee Belew 06-09-2002 09:23 PM

Kaos 40
I was glad to see you had purchased the Hanger 9 Ultra Stick 40. I have been in this hobby for 35 yrs and this airplane is very close "in my opinion to the perfect 2nd airplane. I have taught many people to fly and this airplane works as well as any I have seen. Slow the controls down. I notice my original comments were written at approximately the same time as your comments about buying the Ultra Stick 40

Sewerdude 06-09-2002 11:05 PM

Tower Kaos ARF
Thanks Mike and Lee. I think you guys might of saved me alot of trouble. One bad Kaos I could see ,but 2?.....I guess QC isnt important anymore. I checked out the Hangar 9 Ultra Stick.I'll go with that. One more question, Lee you said leave out the crows?.I'm not sure I know what your talking about . I'm new to this. Anyway, I thank you guys for taking your time to post. JT

Sewerdude 06-09-2002 11:12 PM

Tower Kaos ARF
One more thing.I see were the Ultra stick and the Super Stick are 2 different planes. Is there any differance in the 2 other than the wing span. also the Super stick is back order on the Horizion site. thanks again ,JT

Mike2002 06-10-2002 01:16 AM

Tower Kaos ARF
I believe that the Ultra Stick has more possibilities for a more advanced pilot; they will be able to use the quad-flaps when they are ready, but a more beginning pilot will be able to hold off on those until they are ready for them. The Super Stick does not have these options that will make the plane "grow with the pilot" as one might say.

Lee Belew 06-10-2002 02:02 AM

Ultra Stick 40
The advantage of the Ultra Stick is that it can grow with you as you learn to fly. if you have the radio for the crow you can advance to it later. Keep it simple in the beginning. use normal ailerons and no flaps. This plane does not requir flaps to ba a super plane to land. Remember when you are ready for a 2nd plane it does not mean that you are ready for perfmoning advanced flying. The Ultra Stick give you a flat wing. No dihedrial. this will be interesting for you and the plane will have no natural correcting tendacys. You must learn to fly the plane all the time without resting and just letting the plane fly by itself. The wing is fully symmetrical. No built in lift. This means you will have to change the angle of the wing in respect to the direction the plane is flying by giving the plane up elevator to get lift. The plane is a natural flyer and a pleasure but it can be challenging if it is your 2nd plane. after you learn to the fly the above two features you can add the quad flaps and really make the plane show off for you. I do not know of another 2nd airplane that can do this. every one who has commented on the plane has given you some good sound advice. You have chose a good airplane to enjoy this hobby with.
Good luck and happy flying. As so many others have indicated, I also have the 120, 60, & 40. My favorite is the 60. It fits in my vehickle without having to be dissambled. It will hang in my shop in one piece and a very important thing it is big enough to see in the air and It has a good color scheme to make it easy to see on a cloudy day. Good luck and Happy flying.

Steve Campbell2 06-10-2002 10:37 AM

Tower Kaos ARF
The Super Stick is also of lower quality than the Ultra Stick. I had a Super Stick, and was considerably underwhelmed.

It had the sticky-back shelf paper for covering, marginal hardware, and overall slipshod construction- although nothing that would endanger the structural integrity.

I've had three other Stik-type models to compare to, and this H9 Super Stick was the worst of the bunch in terms of flying qualities. Oh, it flew okay, but it "squatted" tail down, like it was tail heavy.

I tried moving the CG all over the place, with no luck, and finally concluded that the stab had a tad bit of negative incidence. I had already re-covered the model to get rid of that miserable ARF-cote, and I just didn't feel like expending any more effort on that plane, so I sold it.

Get the Ultra Stick. Every H9 "Super Series" (or whatever they call their top of the line) ARF I've seen was quite acceptable. But the so-called "entry level" ARFs, like the less-than-$100 trainers and the economy sport planes like the Kaos, are pretty sad. What a travesty for the Kaos, which was THE plane to have in it's day. I've still got one that I built many years ago, and it flies much better than many of the new ARFs I've tried. I hate it that The Evil Empire chose to make an el cheapo out of it, instead of a real quality piece of work like the SIG SE.

But then, you're talking the difference between a selling price of $109 vs $199.


Blackie 06-10-2002 12:10 PM

Tower Kaos ARF
JT-Indiana, if you have not yet purchased your second plane I would like to suggest the World Model Super Stunt 60. This plane is a great second plane that comes equipped with optional flaps. It offers a 64" fuse and an 80" wing that will allow you into the big bird events should you so desire. It works best with a 75+ two stroke or a 91+ four stroke.

It a little more costly then the Hanger9 stick but its well worth the extra $$


Command Central 08-22-2003 12:20 AM

Tower Kaos ARF
Is the hardware in the Tower Kaos ARF package useable?. I've seen very poor quality hardware in some ARF"s and have had to replace it with Dubro and Sullivan hardware.

Please advise,
Command Central

scottrc 08-22-2003 11:50 AM

Tower Kaos ARF
I'm finishing one right now to fly this weekend. This is the red one I picked up for $75 on a whim here on RCU. This plane, for the price, was a great surprise. It was built very well, laser cut, and was the first ARF I built where the tail surfaces lined up without a lot of truing. There also was not any warp in the wing which is a surprise since the last two Goldberg ARFs I built had really bad warps. To my surprise as well, the tank and engine area was sealed with epoxy.

The covering was fair for an ARF, but I still replaced it because I hated the trim pattern.

The plane was well sanded and all the joints were glued and sealed, another big surprise that I havn't seen on too many higher priced ARFs.

Most of the hardware is good and chrome plated. I've been trying to get it to peel and can't. The things I replaced with Dubro or Sig parts were the hinges and clevises. I'm not real crazy about the phillips screws on the collets, but they do the job. I like Dubro wheels instead of the foam ones. I'm skeptical about the tank because its hard plastic and have seen these rupture when its real hot outside, but I used it anyway because it fit like a glove.

For a Tower price a $119.00, and even cheaper second hand, this is a real great kit for the price.

This will be my third Kaos, I have never met a Kaos I didn't like. To me, they fly where I point them and are very easy to fly if trimmed and balanced right.

SMALLFLY- 08-22-2003 12:13 PM

Tower Kaos ARF
What are you looking for. Sticks are great airplanes but they knife edge horribly (yes I have owned a h9 ultrastick 40 and 2 different kaos's)
The kaos will fly smoother, the stick will let you bang the sticks around a bit. A flying buddy has been flying a purple kaos arf for 1 year now completely stock. of course it requires attention as any plane does from time to time but it fly's nicely. I maidened it for him. The ultrastick will land a bit slower but neither will land like a trainer. I would lean toward the ultrastick myself, but realize if is this is your second plane there will be quite a jump from a trainer response time wise. The ailerons are large and the elevator will stall with too much throw. Keep it Very tame for a while

cloudancer03 09-02-2003 10:47 PM

those of us old enough to remember building and fly bridi's kaos and super kaos appreciate the quality and suberb agility these planes had..in fact I hate to admit but I am finishing a sunfli4 that I never got to build....I modified it with foam sheeted wings but its an all round stable plane..I have seen the tower 40 and am not impressed with it.much of what has been said here is likely ytrue sadly..kaos is a darn good flyer I dont think its a second plane unless you have mucho stick time..I personally like the easy sport ..its a great flyer as is the stick!

Hircflyer 09-02-2003 10:58 PM

Tower Kaos ARF
I just got the ultra 60 from Chief Aircraft and really like the way it flys.......really liked the flaps and the crow function they really add a lot of fun to to the airplane.
Have OS .61 SX in mine and it goes very well.
Only compliant I have is the see through covering sometimes makes it hard to tell when inverted....or maybe its just I fly to high.

Fubar-One 09-02-2003 11:28 PM

Tower Kaos ARF

Originally posted by Hircflyer
I just got the ultra 60 from Chief Aircraft and really like the way it flys.......really liked the flaps and the crow function they really add a lot of fun to to the airplane.
Have OS .61 SX in mine and it goes very well.
Only compliant I have is the see through covering sometimes makes it hard to tell when inverted....or maybe its just I fly to high.

Just got my US60 into the air this past weekend and am having a blast with it. I agree, the color scheme needs work becaust its sometimes hard to tell upright from inverted when the sun shines thru it. Powering it with a Magnum 91FS.
Back on topic (sorta) I have built the Tower Kaos kit and it flies *****in even tho I am the one that built it. Go figure. Like the plane so much I hit up Ebay and bought 3 other versions including the Bridi Killer Chaos. One of the .40 sized ones will get an OS .70FS and the Killer will be powered with either a G61 Super Tigre or a GMS .76.
If the ARF flies anything like the kit version, its a real adrenaline blast.
I think I bought the last kit that Tower sold. :p

tree 09-28-2003 09:27 PM

RE: Tower Kaos ARF
I have a Kaos 40.The wings went together great and there was not anything wrong with any thing and it flys and looks great. some of you must have purchased some of the first ones made

aero580 07-03-2012 05:56 PM

RE: Tower Kaos ARF
need some help- ive been flying for a few years now, mostly sport and 3-d. would like to get into pattern ships. is the koas a good choice?

fredscz 07-03-2012 08:21 PM

RE: Tower Kaos ARF


ORIGINAL: aero580

need some help- ive been flying for a few years now, mostly sport and 3-d. would like to get into pattern ships. is the koas a good choice?

Did you notice that you were asking a question in a 2003 thread?
The Kaos arf is not expensive so why not go ahead and purchase it. If you don't like it for a pattern trainer just use it for every day.

bhady 07-05-2012 02:33 PM

RE: Tower Kaos ARF
You'll love the Kaos, it's my go to plane. I plan to always have one around.

Steve_S-RCU 07-05-2012 06:25 PM

RE: Tower Kaos ARF
I 2nd what Bhady said!!!!!

markhamregular 07-06-2012 04:19 AM

RE: Tower Kaos ARF
I don't think any plane can beat the GP Big Stick 40 as a second plane. It's very aerobatic, it's easy to fly and forgiven and makes the slowest landings I have seen. And it's very well built.
My only concern is that it is a little expensive compared to other planes like the Kaos, and since it's an old design, you still have to spend a lot of time finishing it as building is concerned. But the end result is just fantastic.

nmav8r 07-11-2012 06:49 PM

RE: Tower Kaos ARF
I like my Koas alot. Its powered with a magnum .52 4 stroke. Airborne in ten feet lands very slow not a speed demon but will do anything you ask of it. Can't go wrong with it. Our field elevation is 4318 ft.

Bob Paris 07-12-2012 10:43 PM

RE: Tower Kaos ARF
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The Tower Kaos is a great flying plane. If you can take off and land a trainer high wing model, with confidence every time you fly, then the Kaos is a good second model choice. Its more aerobatic then the Ugly Stick, and is easy on the eyes. If you want to learn aerobatics, then the Kaos is a good beginner second model.

The Ultra Stick .40 from Horizon is a great model. I flew one for over five years and a great flying model. Mine flew with a Fox .50 and I installed a K&B .61 Twister later on. The Ultra Stick .40 has a lighter airframe then the Big Stick series from Tower, with the Big Stick, a bit more robust built airframe. Both are excellent flyers...very prdictable on landing, with no bad habits in the air. Ugly Sticks are not that great an aerobatic airframe...the Kaos is better, but for the fun factor, I'll take an ugly stick any day. That Ultra Stick I had was used to break in engines+plus fly in high wind days. This model broke in three K&B .61 Twisters, the Fox .50 and a Super Tiger G90. Yes...a G90 (talk about vertical climb...wow). The airframe is strong and will take all kinds of abuse. I beef-up my landing gear and usually install larger wheels. All my ugly sticks are tail dragers and I like how they handle on the ground. All you do is point the model and add power...she will fly. The Ugly Stick is best known for its ease in landing and taking off qualities. There is not an airframe made that can do these two manuvers with such simple ease and all the while,rock solid in the air. With a bit of flaps (flaperons), the model will take off in its own length (with a .61 two stroke) and with flaps and power...will land so smooth and solid, as to make a newbe look good. They are pointers...and what I mean, where ever you point the model...that is where its going to go. Its not stable in the roll axis...most all have flat wings...but the model once slowed up a bit, is so solid and predictable, its a simple matter to make a good landing.

I usually in time, I'll modify my Ugly Sticks and install stronger fire walls (after three or four engine changes you'll need to) and usually build in a fuel tank cover. I lay in a nice light ply doubler on the forward floor, to support the landing gear and install my servo's aft, near the tail.

The only "not so good" verson of the Ugly Stick sold, was called the Lucky Stick, by Model Tech...it built heavy, had a small wing span for its weight, and flew more like a high wing loaded WWII fighter. Landed hot, had no glide to speak of and had a weak built fuse...The wing was foam, covered with door skins and the model was built with some kind of thin door skin wood...no balsa anywhere to be found. It was heavy, flew like a lead brick and didn't last long either.

Just have some one take your model up for you on the first flight...and then hand over the controls. Once you get the feel for how an Ugly Stick flies...your gonna love it. Its ugly as sin...true...but give it time...it will grow on you. I've built and flown Ugly Sticks since the early 70's and always have one or two in my hanger all the time. I've a nice older Ugly Stick Biplane and I just finished building a Big Stick .60~.90, with a 20cc gas engine. All Ugly Sticks fly...most all fly quite well. This model has lasted all these years because its a fun model...and no model lands as sweet as a Ugly Stick.

By the way, the reason I build my models with larger wheels is that I must deal with a lot of gusty cross winds at our flying field. I use Robart scale wheels because they grip asphalt better then any other tire I've used, and lasts a while too. I like sticky tires in cross winds and we usually have good cross winds at our field. The Pu'unene field is the old WWII Marine fighter revetment area and the revetments play hell with the trade winds, we have to deal with here. Its a nice field and great club.

Have fun and let us know how your first flghts do...
Soft Landings Always,

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