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Vertical3-D 12-22-2010 08:18 PM

HK cierva C-30
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I just ordered one of these, from what I have found so far there will be no instructions and theres some stuff to watch when building it, for the price Ireally couldn't resist...does anyone here have one, if so post any info here, I plan to take some good time planning and setting it up once it gets here, and deciding what gear to install, my first gyro was a G3PO, I was gonna buy another till I saw they were out of production...so Iwent the HK route...plus it's so nice looking, scale is always cooler...never got far with the first one do to being under powered, I now have a lot more flight time too with airplanes from my big cub to electric 3D and also with helis but Idecided I'd get into the gyros rather than helis this time...so hopefully it goes well...I'll pe posting a build log here along with flight review and pics, possibly a video...just something fun and unique to tinker with...heres a pic though I'm sure most of you are aware of this thing...

Vertical3-D 12-27-2010 07:55 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
gyro should be here this week, also it needs metal gear servos on the head controls, hobbypartz sells some digital metal gear micro servos for a whopping 7.70 a piece, so I ordered three, even if ones bad at that cost who care, also got some batteries and ordered some props and larger tires from tower hobbies, gonna try it with a 9x6 prop...rimfire 22-1000kv motor which should give it about a 1:1 thrust to weight, also gonna try to figure out a pre-rotator for this little guy to up the cool factor and the visual affect of being able to wind the blades up and lift off in a few feet...

Vertical3-D 01-07-2011 08:02 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
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ok, got my cierva today...looks nice, as stated by others in other forums there are no instructions and the rotor head is upside down from the factory which must be corrected, balanced the blades, reinforced the weak stock mast with some basswood which turned out well, changes a few things including the wheels, hinges, and rudder pushrod...I have a motor but ordered another that may be here tomorrow, if not I'll install the one I have and give it a go sunday, I took a short run outside, blades spun up smooth and quickly, should fly no problems, also it will most likely need nose weight as others have also stated...but for the money it's a nice little model, well built and nicely covered for the money, heres some pictures

Vertical3-D 01-08-2011 10:02 AM

RE: HK cierva C-30
did about 20 hops in the street outside my house this morning on a 4s 2000mah pack, balances right with that battery, not sure why people have such a hard time with ROG with this model, its really gentle and stable...flys very well, also flys quite slowly, wasn't expecting that with it being a little heavy...overall a great model I'd say...first real flights tomorrow, hopefully with video

turboomni 01-09-2011 08:29 AM

RE: HK cierva C-30
Looking forward to your video and good luck!

Vertical3-D 01-09-2011 04:41 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
got a short flight last night, to windy today, didn't have a battery topepd off so Ionly went 3 times around the field, then brought her down and stopped dead in front of me about 6 foot up and it hovered down for a zero roll out landing...flys well so I'm looking foward to a longer flight to really get a feel for it and throw it around a bit more...overall though a good model for the price I'd say

turboomni 01-09-2011 05:12 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
I just ordered one from HK 2 days ago. I have never owned/flown a autogyro before and for the price and the thread on rc groups I thought I would give it a try!
When I went from rc planes to rc heli's not a whole lot transfered to help me learn heli's any faster,,just a different beast . Seems like being a heli pilot won't help me much for an autogyro either. What you think?

Vertical3-D 01-10-2011 07:28 AM

RE: HK cierva C-30
it will, I can fly helis, don't have one at the moment but I am not to bad with them as far as cruising aroun dthe field and mild aerobatics, and Ihave a lot of time on small foamie 3D planes which helps to, cause at least from my short flight I noticed that you fly a lot of rudder and throttle movement on this thing which is similar to flying a 3D plane when your in a high alhpa position of hovering...I'm glad you have found the RCGroups thread, that helped me a lot as far as setup, the nose down hang angle is probably the biggest thing to get right...oh and the landing gear where they all join at the wheel, I wrapped it with copper wire and soldered it, I had glued it but it didn't hold, theres wire under the factory shrink wrap so Isoldered that then added more wire to hold the legs in then soldered all that then put shrink wrap over that, I'll post it on RCG tonight sometime, mine took about 2 weeks to get here,

turboomni 01-11-2011 12:44 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
Thanks for the tips. Mine has officially been shipped,,,

Vertical3-D 01-11-2011 03:16 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
got another tip, be very careful with wind...took off the other day and it went nose up, then vertical, wouldn't recover despite full down and full throttle, rolled on it's back and went in for about 20 feet and hit hard...suprisingly it didn't do to much damage, had to make a new flapping hinge, and a new mast...did some cosmetic damage that I fixed...it was back up and flying today, got four good flights on it...it flies very niecly, slow and stable...

Vertical3-D 01-12-2011 06:47 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
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heres my modified landing gear, added some pieces to make it similar to scale...put some smaller MPI wheels on for now, landing gear is tied together with copper wire then soldered, center caps on the wheels are aluminum(bottom of a pepsi can, fits and looks perfect, go figure)...still showing some rach from the crash I had but once Iget some covering to fix it it will be un-noticable...ther gear is super strong now, may add some wood covers to make it more scale like...videos to come shortly...

turboomni 01-13-2011 03:13 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30

ORIGINAL: Vertical3-D

got another tip, be very careful with wind...took off the other day and it went nose up, then vertical, wouldn't recover despite full down and full throttle, rolled on it's back and went in for about 20 feet and hit hard...suprisingly it didn't do to much damage, had to make a new flapping hinge, and a new mast...did some cosmetic damage that I fixed...it was back up and flying today, got four good flights on it...it flies very niecly, slow and stable...

Sorry about the mishap but glad she's flying again. I thought if the gyro is climbing that you just reduce throttle to bring it down. I don't know as I have nevr flown one before. Only what I have read. Also glad to hear she fly's slow too. I've seen some vids of some gyro's with guys just racing around which doesn't appeal to me as much as the slower graceful flight. It is an oddity after all and I'd like to see it work lol!
Your gear looks good. Cant wait to get mine. It is in shipment now somewhere over the Pacific I think.
Did you see the post on RCG where the gut stripped the fuse of covering and replaced the plywood stringers with balsa to save weight? Interesting idea,,he say's its nose heavy now.

Vertical3-D 01-13-2011 03:47 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
yeah I saw that, but mines not heavy enough that I would go through all that, heck it's a slow flyer as is...and I'm flying a 2000mah 4S 15c pack, so it's a fairly heavy pack, balanced nicely with it which is why I used it...if it is climbing to much you can always give down input to it when your flying around, and if need be reduce throttle, or punch the throttle to get forward speed up again...but what happened with mine is when it lifted a gust hit it head on and pitched it up vertical, so Iwent full down on the pitch and nailed the trottle but it wouldn't recover....thats one thing that I think will get you in trouble the most with this little guy, being pitched or roller to the extreme...since it's not like a plane...I found that I used a little roll in the turns but mainly use the rudder, and I'm ready to counter the roll if it gets to far over...also be ready to feed some up input in when you turn cause the nose will drop...some people throw gyros and say thats the way to go...but Ihate throwing anything so I'm bias there, I always ROGmy models if they have wheels, but either way I'd suggest a gentle climb to altitude and then get familiar with it at a good height incase you get in trouble...motor I'm flying is 28mm x 28mm and 1050KV on a 9x3.8 prop, gonna try a 10x3.8 next time...and thats one 4S but on 3S it'd still be plenty of power, I'm rarely over 1/2 throttle other than take off and landing cause I like to hover mine in for a zero roll landing(you'll see when I get vids how it flys), this weekend hopefully if the weather holds

turboomni 01-15-2011 01:23 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
I for one am wary about throwing my new autogyro especially on the first flight. I have to decide on servo's motor and esc. I am planning on using my Turnigy 2200 mah 3C trex packs. When I am close to finnishing the thing I'll ask you on throws ,down thrust,etc. Thanks for the info,,seems as though the RCG thread is calming down.
Looking forward to your vids! Let's see some slow flight too!!

Vertical3-D 01-16-2011 10:17 AM

RE: HK cierva C-30
yeah I really want some slow close in flights on the video so people can see how it flys, mine has a good amount of throw, I'll measure it when you need it...I bought some small metal gear servos from hobbypartz, tower wants 29 bucks for name brand micro metal gear servos, I bought 3 for that price

turboomni 01-16-2011 03:35 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
Hobbypartz? Good to know. I want to run a 3cell 2100 lipo ,,what motor and esc do you and the guys run with what prop and lipo??

Vertical3-D 01-16-2011 04:03 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
I used an electrifly ss-25 ESC, a 28mmx28mm outrunner at 1050KVwith an APC9x3.8 slo-fly prop...not sure what the others are running, got the motor from headsuprc.com and hobbypartz is nitroplanes parts website, chinese parts, cheap but not so good with service and QC

GULA128 06-19-2011 04:09 PM

RE: HK cierva C-30
<div id="autotrans" style="DISPLAY: block"><h3 id="headingtext">
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</span><span title="te cuento que a principios de año cpompre uno igual y como no entendia mucho de los modelos electricos me traje un par de motores: el 2409 que pide el fabricante y un tp2410-12t(y)(90w)" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff">I tell you that earlier this year as well cpompre one did not understand much of the electric models I brought a couple of engines: the 2409 which calls for the manufacturer and tp2410-12t (y) (90w)
</span><span title="con una helice 11x5.5 a la cual la recorte y deje en 10" con una lipo 3s de 2200mh turnghi (algo pesada para el gyro) si con buena autonomia!! con el 2410 lo pongo a full y el despegue es a 45º casi" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff">a 11x5.5 prop at which the cut and leave the 10 "with a 3s lipo turnghi 2200mh (somewhat heavy for the gyro) if good autonomy! with the 2410 I put it to full and is off nearly 45 º </span><span title="esta para 3d!!!">this for 3D!
</span><span title="tambien puce las ruedas como las tuya, di vuelta la plantilla del rotor y creo si no me equiboco en un post de rc encontre un pdf donde habia un veterano con experiencia en el tema gyro!!">puce wheels also like yours, I turned the staff of the rotor and I think if I equiboco rc in a post I found a pdf which had a veteran with experience in the subject gyro!
</span><span title="costo un par de malos aterrisajes con rotura de la barilla de madera del rotor pero arreglada con loctite en el momento siguio en vuelo!!">cost a couple of bad aterrisajes with rupture of the rotor barilla wood arranged with loctite but when followed in flight! </span><span title="tambien le fabrique la plantilla del rotor en un lamina de fibra de vidrio la cual no se rompio hasta ahora!">it also manufactures rotor template in a sheet of fiberglass that is not broke yet! </span><span title="todo esto gracias a ponerle un solo tornilloo en las aspas y un prisionero echo con una varilla de balsa">all thanks to one tornilloo put on the blades and a prisoner with a rod echo raft
</span><span title="como me dice un amigo piloto real estos gyros tienen los malos vicios de un helicoptero y los malos vicios de un avion!!">as a pilot friend tells me real bad these gyros have the vices of a helicopter and a plane bad vices! </span><span title="conclucion: una porqueria, jajaja.">Conclusions: a crap, lol. </span><span title="pero si ya lo has volado varias veces tene en cuenta que hay que escuchar el ruido de las aspas que se mantenga parejo si no entra a subir o caer como podrido!!">but if you've flown several times Please note that we must hear the noise of the blades to remain steady if not come to rise or fall as rotten!
</span><span title="como dijo este hombre del foro vuela!">as the forum said this man fly! </span><span title="pero no recomendable despegar del piso, usar el aceleradorpara subir o bajar y no la profundidad, virajes amplios.">recommended but not off the ground, use the up or down aceleradorpara and depth, wide turns. </span><span title="Yo concuerdo bastante!">I agree enough! </span><span title="no lo despegue del piso porque no tengo asfalto o cemento y en el cespes o pasto se hace imposible, el vuelo trato de hacerlo solo en la pista (sin ruidos) para escuchar las aspas!!!">ground clearance not because I have asphalt or concrete and turf or grass is impossible, try to do the flight alone on the track (no noise) to hear the blades! </span><span title="Yo siento de que voy moviendo el stick como revolviendo la comida (estofado, guiso o similar) jajaja, no siento que responda como un aeroplano convencional de ala fija, todo depende mucho de la velocidad de las aspas!!" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ebeff9">I feel that I move the stick as a stirring food (stew, casserole or similar) lol, I feel like an airplane that meets conventional fixed-wing, all highly dependent on the speed of the blades! </span><span title="es el problema mayor que tienen los reales!!">is a major problem with the real!
</span><span title="cualquier cosa que tepueda ayudar me escribes." style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff">anything tepueda help me write.

</span><span title="salu2 Carlos.">salu2 Carlos.


box55555 10-23-2011 11:10 AM

RE: HK cierva C-30
Hi All

Mine is on the way.

You mention the head being fitting upside down. How do I tell which way round is up.

Any chance of a piccy or two!

What throws and CofG position are you all using?

box55555 11-08-2011 04:09 AM

RE: HK cierva C-30
Hi All

Mine is now built.

Desperate for the Cof G . Is it at the rotor head like a heli?. Also need the throws used chaps.

What angle of attack is used on the rotor head?


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