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rcflyerfl 04-30-2007 07:30 PM

AutoGyro's at SEFF
Just got back from SEFF and had a good time. The Autogyro's population increased 4 fold from last year. All but one was a Mickey Nowell design that flew..The other one is Hippo on RC Groups and he flew well also. I flew my GT 17 and there were G3PO and Begi's also. I had an PT 25 but didn't have it trimmed out yet.
It was windy all week but it did not stop most pilots from flying.
Maybe some one will post some pictures.


mnowell129 04-30-2007 10:10 PM

RE: AutoGyro's at SEFF
I know I had a good time. I was really impressed with Jim ripping GT17 around in that wind.
Hippo had a rotorshape also, he was kind enough to let me make a flight (at dark!).
Hippo's new design flew after we changed a few angles, but it looked good in the air.
RL was there with his whopper as well.
Doug brought a G3PO for me to check out as well, but it wasn't quite ready to fly.

By my count we had 4 G3PO's, a BEGi, 2 GT17's, A rotorshape, a whopper and Hippo's new model.
No hanger queens either, everthing flew at least once.
Great fun, we need a bigger gyro contingent next year.

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