New From Tamiya, the Toyota Bruiser (RN36) Option parts now at Banzai Hobby

4x4 Vehicle Slipper Clutch
This Slipper Clutch Set is designed for use with Item 58519 Toyota Bruiser (RN36). The multi-plate clutch mechanism helps protect the transmission and drivetrain against shocks and excessive loads to ensure superior driving performance on tough driving conditions.

4x4 Vehicle 4-Piece Wheels - 2pcs
These 4-piece wheels are designed for use with Item 58519 Toyota Bruiser (RN36) and feature chrome plated surfaces. The 4-piece design means tire beads are sandwiched by the outer wheel parts to ensure secure tire/wheel attachment.

4x4 Vehicle Black Bumper - D Parts
The Toyota Bruiser (RN36) kit includes D Parts (bumpers) that are molded in white. To help R/C kit builders with building customizing options, these new parts are molded in black.

4x4 Vehicle Driver Figure
Adding a driver figure on a vehicle model adds to its realism. The driver figure of the original Toyota Bruiser is available separately, which can be fitted into the 2012 release of the Toyota Bruiser (RN36).

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