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banzaihobby 09-09-2012 07:47 PM

NEW Active Hobby Heat Sinks and Link Suspension Kits
New from Active Hobby the New Heat Sinks front and Side
Also The new Link Suspension Kits for Tamiya and OTA-R31

The new Front and Side Heat Sinks are Ideal for Front mounted Motors for the likes of FF03 and Front mounted RWD Kits to keep motors Cool to run at Max Performance!!!

Active Hobby Heat Sinks!


The New Link Suspension Kits for Tamiya and OTA-R31 Kits
Link suspension kits greatly improve rear traction, the rear is ideal for light FR conversion kit. * Rear suspension out of the bottom and at the same time we do when entering corner * · driving characteristics of the link pointed to positive change in camber angle of the side that is connected. Maintain a stable balance of grip even when the roll body, I will support the long counter drift beautiful riding on speed. • By changing the camber angle is positive for both left and right, when the left and right rear suspension bottom corner with the throttle on the rise during acceleration, grip is significantly improved in the vertical direction. Enjoy feeling like FR machine like vehicle, rear tire pushes the body strong.

Active Hobby Link Suspension

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Banzai Hobby Team

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