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Low voltage settings with onboard Lipo monitor


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Default Low voltage settings with onboard Lipo monitor

So I have an Amp Mt and I got a 7.4v 5200mah 35c 2s battery for it and a few of those little LHI low voltage audible indicators. My question is how low is safe? I have it at 3.4v for now. Just curious what others might have these set at to keep the battery safe.

I have read that 2.8v - 3.2v is kind of the range you do not want to go to under load...
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I have set most of my low voltage cutoffs (LVC) to 3.4v/cell. That is underload voltage that the LiPo alarms sees, and when the LiPo cells have a chance to rest a bit, they are close to being at storage voltage, and I don't have to wait long to finish putting a pack at 3.8v/cell. I always try to have the cells balanced (using storage mode on charger) when I am done for the day. It gives me a chance to see how far off the cells are from each other. As cells age, the internal resistance (IR) grows. Having a LiPo alarm set high enough will allow older cells, with higher IR, to not "sag" too far.

Some of the best places, IMO, that will inform a person to the use of LiPo batteries....
RC Resources for the beginner [Read this first]
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