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tomfiorentino 09-17-2011 06:46 PM

A123 Termination Voltage
Hey guys,

I have a 2300mah A123 battery and Iuse the FMA Multi charger and use the universal 3-wire cell tap. I always balance charge using the accurate setting.Here is my problem:

When I put the battery on I check individual cell voltages. They are exactly the same....3.2something. After a few seconds, the Balancer Status screen shows 0% and 99% and stays that way the entire charge routine; it always does this.

I go back to the individual cell voltage screen andwatch both cell voltages come up almost simultaneously. One jumps...then the other...back and forth. Except when I get towards the top of the charge. Then cell 2 (where the balancer is showing 100%) jumps one thousandth of a volt about each second until it peaks voltage at 3.651. Cell 1 (where the balancer is still showing 0%) hardly moves. Maybe it will creep a little bit, but since cell 2 is peaked out the charger slows waaay down and is only charging at about 100ma sometimes 75ma....basically, nothing is going to cell1 and cell 2 is getting 75ma until the charger basically times out. Cell 1 voltage only gets to 3.362 plus or minus.

I have tried pulling1000 mah off the battery and then charging back up to see if that made a difference but I pretty much get the same results. Also, same results if I go through my switch port or pull the battery and charge directly. Crazy..

I have a 1100mah A123 battery and that charges fine. The balancer shows different percentages and the voltages top off exactly the same!

Any thoughts?



Capt Lou 09-18-2011 04:43 AM

RE: A123 Termination Voltage

Contact CellPro at www.fmadirect.com They provide excellent customer service and will answer your question.

Capt Lou

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