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impulse09 01-03-2013 03:11 PM

New NiMH pack
Just got a brand new 9.6V 2000 mAh hydrimax pack. Pack was discharged out of the package, so I charged at 200 mA and the last time I looked at the charger the capacity was approaching 2900 mAh!! The timer maxed out so I don't know the final value (wife turned it off due to noise). Charger is an accu-cycle elite. Is this normal?

pilotpete2 01-03-2013 03:48 PM

RE: New NiMH pack
very normal. At 200mA charge rate you are charging at C/10 and the charger will not detect a peak at that rate. At C/10, an initial charge should be at least 16 hours. With Nimh and Nicd, mA in has little to do with the capacity of the battery due to the inefficiency of the charging process. Part of the power you're putting in is turned to heat. Your pack should be pretty well fully charged if your charger showed 2900mA input.

impulse09 01-03-2013 03:56 PM

RE: New NiMH pack
Good deal, thanks!

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