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rc2018 02-08-2018 06:41 PM

Lipo battery charger within $40
Suggestions on a Lipo battery charger with a balancer, discharge, 3s 3000mah capabilities, clycler, storage charge, and a built in AD/DC power supply (or comes with a power supply). I'm willing to pay up to $40 for it. New to the Lipo world :)

RustyUs 02-09-2018 01:50 PM

I would tell you to take a close look at the Hitec X1 Mini. It's about $45 and packs a lot into it. I think it's one of the best deals out there for a person jumping into LiPo charging on a budget...X1 mini ? AC Input Balance Charger/Discharger | HITEC RCD USA

rc2018 02-09-2018 02:46 PM

rustyus Does this one come with dean's connector? or only xt60

tntpooof 02-09-2018 03:04 PM

it doesn't come with any so ull need a female xt 60 and 2 4 mm bullets male. and some 12ga wire

Mgfiest 02-09-2018 05:52 PM

... http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-IM..._warehouse=USA

imax b6

need ac adapter about 10$

RustyUs 02-10-2018 03:45 AM

The Hitec X1 Mini comes with one Deans style T-Plug charging lead and one XT-60 lead. SkyRC is the OEM for many products. The iMax B6 is an OK charger if you get a genuine one. The one linked in above post is more than likely a cheaper knockoff IMO. They are hit and miss a lot of times. I'd be more inclined to recommend brand/vendor with great costumer service. A Main Hobbies and Hitec ...two thumbs up.

RustyUs 02-10-2018 03:56 AM

It's In There
4 Attachment(s)
They are included :D.

Mgfiest 02-10-2018 05:11 AM

well i have to disagree... i bought mind from banggood and it is not a knockoff

tntpooof 02-10-2018 01:26 PM

Originally Posted by RustyUs (Post 12405005)
They are included :D.

those are not from the links you provided so why pick n chose to suit your needs.. oh and banggod sells real imax purchased the mini years ago with the holographic label..

blvdbuzzard 02-10-2018 02:51 PM

I bought (4) of these. They have been great for the last 2 years. As I have more of the smaller 3s batteries, 2200, 1800, 1300, 450, these really fit my budget. I have a box of old laptop power cords so that is easy enough to cut the end and wire them up. I found I had Toshiba in there and the plugs were a perfect fit. I do use a 240w when I charge my 5s, 6s batteries. Brother has (2), brother in law has (2), friend has (3) of these too.

Imax B6 80W Balance Charger | Value Hobby


rc2018 02-10-2018 08:37 PM

I bought the venom 2-4cell AC/DC on amazon. It seems to be good because I changed my mind on getting 3s batteries because my car can't handle it. I am going with 2s and it can charge dual. Only downside is its only 3a so it will take a while.

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