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zr1s10 05-15-2005 04:30 AM

Help me find a charger!!!
Ok first off I am stationed in south korea and my nice Dynamite Mega Peak Charger is at home. I'd like to keep that there and get a new one, but tower doesnt carry dynamate brand!! So I'm stuck finding a different one. Now the main purpose of this charger will be my 5cell receiver pack for my Ofna MBX buggy.

This is the reciever pack I have:


Team Orion Marathon 5-Cell 1400 NiMH Std Hump Rx Pack

Well I thought I could get away with this charger:


But it just doenst put out what the orion pack needs. I let it sit on the charger for 2days straight and didnt do anything.

So what chargers does tower sell that will work with a 5cell 6v pack? I see the pack requires 120mAh for 14 hours, and the airtronics one only putsout 75mAh.

***Keep in mind this small pack uses a smaller connector than the bigger packs. The megapeak back home came with a little adaptor cable.

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