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zreon 10-01-2009 05:47 PM

Onyx 230 low charge current
Hey guys,

I am having some issues with my onyx 230 charger.

I have a 3s 4800mah lipo battery. I was running it one days as usual until I noticed my speed control began to limit my rustlers speed, so i drove the car in and turned it off. About 3 hours later I went to put it on the charger and i was having troubles charging it.

I have my charger setup as follows:

4.8a charge rate
120 minutes

I have never had any issues charging it with these settings. However when I go to charge it now, these are the readouts I am getting.

CHG cur. 0.01a
IN Volt 12.27Vi
CHG Volt 9.78Vo

Any idea why my charge current is so low? Would this be a battery or charger issue? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Druss 10-01-2009 09:40 PM

RE: Onyx 230 low charge current
What's the voltage on the battery? I might be charging at a really low rate in order to get the voltage above the minimum before it starts to charge at 4.8amps again.

Have you ever balanced your battery?

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