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saleens7 08-08-2010 11:19 AM

Battery no good anymore?
Bought a 4000 mah 2s lightmax 30C hardcase lipo from HK for my Dark Impact. I've been using it with a SuperSimple ESC for the time being (I ordered, and now have a 100amp Car specific ESC), only 3 runs or so on the SS and none on the new esc. It charged fine and ran fine. Well a few days ago i hooked the battery up to the SS ESC and it sparked pretty bad when i connected the positive plug. I had only done it to test out the U-BEC. It was a pretty bad spark, even left a burn mark on the plug. This was just after giving the pack a full charge. Well I had been busy for the last few days so I didnt mess with RC stuff for a while. I finally got my new ESC in and soldered all the plugs to it, but when i hook the battery to it, i don't get any power, not even a little spark when i plug it in, like it usually does. I tried charging it, but it tells me theres a "connection break". The settings were all as they had been before when I charged it and the connection was good.

Is it possible that I could have shorted the battery out when it sparked really bad that one time? The battery only has 3 runs on it. I cant tell if its bloated since its a hardcase. What could be wrong?

guver 08-08-2010 12:16 PM

RE: Battery no good anymore?
Without checking it it's rather hard to tell for sure. It sounds like perhaps one of the main leads is open connection on the pack.

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