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Oh My not another new guy

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Default Oh My not another new guy

I was given a used balsa wood bi plane that sez ultimate on the side it has about a 36 inch wing span and has 1 of servos still on the plane. The h55 hitec I'm guessing is a micro. I'm looking to install a esc , servos and I'm questing about a 36 compatible out runner. 3 being over 11 volts would fry the 4 volt servos so I think a bec will be needed. I know what a BEC is and what it does but have never used one before. I race 5th scale dirt oval cars with 2 stroke hp motors so I have some knowledge of rc's and the way things work but electric airplanes loose me with all the choices. Being my 1st plane I plan on a very short existence for this plane so low 3rd parts are ok but I would rather be over powered than under......
I currently use the airtronics m11 for my surface racing but a few guys have said the 2.4 may not be as good as the FM 75 mhz systems. As I bang my head on the wall pl3ase lend this bone head a helping hand. I also have a Jr cub on the way to train with and I picked up a trashed dynam 4 channel.foam for parts it has a 1200 kv out runner and a esc with no writing on it.
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This Ultimate is not a beginners airplane. Stay with 2.4, tried and true and easy to obtain. Stay away from other peoples junk, usually unreliable unless you really check it out.
The cub should work well as a trainer altho not as well as some real trainers designed for that purpose.
Often first timers tend to get a little ahead of themselves and obtain "stuff" that it turns out they don't need. I did! (still do).
Keep it simple and have fun.
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I'm going to address an attitude I see in your post that is way too common for beginners- the mindset that you plan to crash and destroy your airplane. If that's what you plan for, that's what you'll get. You could save yourself some money and just stomp on it a few times before throwing it in the dumpster. The end result will be the same.

A much better route is to plan to fly successfully. You are smart enough to know that you aren't a good enough pilot yet to fly an Ultimate Biplane. That's good, leave it alone for now. Get yourself a proper trainer, and plan to fly it right. Hook up with an instructor so you learn good piloting methods from day 1 instead of learning bad habits that will bite you later. If you will make the investment now in building your skills with appropriate airplanes, you'll find the flying hobby very rewarding. I run cars and a boat too, and they don't compare to the joy of flying a plane well.

You said you have a Jr Cub. I haven't heard of that. What brand is the plane? Is it a true scale model of the Piper Cub (terrible choice for a trainer) or one of the foamy 3 channel planes that look a little bit like a Cub but fly like a trainer?
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