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crooked stripe 09-28-2012 04:20 AM

I have many chargers and am still not satisfied with what Ihave. The one that gives me all the features Iwant is a portable 12v- 120v.It is a Accu-Cycle form Hobbico. The charge rate set by the on board chip always charge at around 1 amp. All Iread says the best charge is slow, around 100 mAh. I can set that up but it takes atrip through the options resetting other values that complement the 100 mAh charge rate. What charger-s do you prefer? 95% of my charging is done at home although ICarry one in the truck just in case the day runs long and the need to fly hasn't left yet. I need to mention I like a charger that go's to trickle when the charge cycle is complete. Isometimes get busy and forget things are charging and there are many times Ihave to start my charging early due to other commitments and they need to stay charged till the next day. As much as Ifly, year round, Iwill pay for one that you and Iagree will fit the bill. Please share your input. John

jester_s1 09-28-2012 05:49 AM

RE: Chargers
If you're just charging NiCd's pretty much any programmable charger will work. The whole point of a peak detecting charger is to charge fast though. Slow is not better. It's safer. The point is to not damage your batteries, and a quality peak detecting charger can fast charge without damaging your batteries. If you just want to charge at 100 mah though, get a wall wart and a 24 hour timer.

dmowery 09-28-2012 06:45 AM

RE: Chargers

As last post says -wall charger -If you want one that works great and shuts of and tells you its done go to FMA cost a tad more but darn reliable-I use a 4 amp one to charge up to my e cell batteries -</p>

Charlie P. 09-28-2012 08:15 AM

RE: Chargers

I don't currently use NiCads.  I went to NiHM a few years back for all my Rx/Tx battery packs.

I do most of my receiver pack charging with a large power-strip plugged into an appliance timer.  Then I plug wall-warts into the power strip (mine's a heavy-duty 12-outlet strip from inside a server tower).  I set them to charge an hour a day so I can go flying any chance I get.  If I plan ahead I charge everything overnight.
For field recharging or to cycle NiMH packs I have a Triton Jr (I keep the the car) and a Triton 2 EQ (12v &amp; 120v) that I like.  Also a DuraMax ICE that is supposed to be for R/C cars but it dosn't know what the battery goes into.  The ICE was on sale and works well for NiMH charging and cycling.  
It does a LOT more than the Jr. for only $10 more cost even at full price.

I'm just getting into electric flight and the Triton 2 EQ seems to do all I need.  But I was surprised at all the "accessories" needed to do LiPo packs.  Balancers, adapters, banana jack to all the various connectors.  The peripherals cost as much as the charger!


jester_s1 09-28-2012 06:48 PM

RE: Chargers
You haven't standardized your connectors Charlie? The first thing that happens to any lipo I get is installation of a Deans connector. People say they are hard to solder but I don't see the problem.

Charlie P. 09-28-2012 07:08 PM

RE: Chargers
Deans?Yep. I've standardized on theStandard except for the Dean'smicro (my little EDFSabre). But then there's the 3/4 inch wide seven pin balancing jack on the Triton that is incompatable with the 7/8" wide eight pin jack for the 3S balancing adapter for the EONbatteries, which have four pin balancing jacks . . . but not the Electrifly four pin size and is the slightly larger FlightPower/Thunder Power four pinjack instead. So if Ihave the Equalizer to go between the Triton and the EON I'm OK. Though my transmitters use a Futaba 1/4" jack, though the Rx batteries use the Futaba J . . .


I'm going back to free-flight elastic band powered models!

jetmech05 09-29-2012 04:49 PM

RE: Chargers
I like the Turnigy 6 cell...Hobby king has them for 22 bucks...charges nica, nickle metal, and Lipo, life and Liion

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