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Broncoflyer 10-06-2012 11:32 AM

Rcexcell optikill and Rcexcel tach
Hi, really need some help here.......

Just upgraded from a 9Z radio to a futaba 10cag with a 6014HS receiver in my new aeroworks 300 60-90.

I have the DLE 20 in it along with an rcexcell tach and optikill switch. right from day one the tach never worked right.... always rebooting to zeros ... all the time. I had a tach on my 9z and used that for tuning... When I swapped in the 6014HS receiver I put the optikill onto channel 10 and assigned that to a switch. The plane has always run ok but I have always had a problem with it at the midrange. Yesterday after flying I decided to do a little more tuning. Again, that tach was no help so I was using the old 9Z. At one point I noticed that when I shut off the Futaba 10 the optikill would not shut down. It seems there is no failsafe for chan. 9 and 10 on this radio. No big deal, I switched the optikill to chan 7 and assigned it to the same switch. Next thing you know I hear some crackling and can smell something frying. Turns out the output power wire on the optikill fried itself right off the board. I never set the channel endpoints to max I find out now so I hope that is what caused it. Then I was worried that I had burned out the ignition so I plugged a fresh batt right into the ignition and started it up. It seems to run as good as it did before. So now I wait until monday to orderm another optikill from Valleyview.

I decided today to look into the tach issue... Here is what I found... Power on to ignition,everything hooked up.... I spin the prop slow and everytime the plug fires, the tach reboots. If if remove the spark plug wire from the plug, It will count 3 or 4 depending on how fast I spin the prop. Remove the plug from the engine and put it into the plug wire and spin the prop all is well, no reboot. Then when I screw the plug back into the head and connect spark plug wire, the tach reboots when the plug fires. Could this be a ground issue that is not doing my midrange any good?

I gotta order another optikill on monday and If I need an ignition I'd like to order it at the same time but I dont know what the problem is.... I don't have much more flying time this year so i dont want to waste it doing single part orders if I dont have to.

Any help anyone?

Thanks you very much, Broncoflyer

Campgems 10-06-2012 04:22 PM

RE: Rcexcell optikill and Rcexcel tach
I don't know if this is useful or not, but I seem to remember that some channels on that RX are for high speed servos unless you change the setting. I know that a standard servo plugged into the Orange 2.4 receiver from hongkong will get fried if the receiver is not set for slow speed servor. Iwould think the kill switch and tachwould look like a slow speed standard servo. This may not apply at all, but then again, it might.

What ignition and receiver battery voltage are you using. I also seem to remember that the Rxcell didn't like 6V. Again maybe nothing to do but agan maybe.

It does sound like you may have some voltage on the ground. Maybe a chafed lead to the pickup?

Broncoflyer 10-06-2012 05:53 PM

RE: Rcexcell optikill and Rcexcel tach
Thanks for the reply.....The only battery I am running is a 2300mah A123 6.6V battery and the 2.0 version of the optikill with Ibec I have is made for the 6.6 volts. The tach plugs right into a lead off of the ignition box. Another thing I find odd is that when the spark plug wire is off and I turn the prop, I can hear a click in the spark plug wire, I can't see a spark though. I think there must be a ground issue for that to happen.... On a car with the plug wire pulled off you shouldn't be able to hear anything or see anything unless you stick a bolt or something up the boot and touch that to ground.... If the spark plug lead wire is somehow grounding itself inside the fancy metal spark plug boot on this ignition, you would think it wouldnt run at all. Very weird. I'm afraid to start peeling back the covering in case I'm way off....


Broncoflyer 10-06-2012 07:30 PM

RE: Rcexcell optikill and Rcexcel tach
Heres an update..... which of course brings on another question.... I was looking into why I hear that spark sound out of the spark plug boot when it is not connected to anything. In pitch black and spinning the prop, I could see a flash in the boot. So, I pulled it apart. right down to the bare plug wire. Weird that there is a capacitor or whatever it is that makes the end of the plug wire. Anyway, with the metal shielding pulled back showing about an inch to an inch and a half of the white silicon plug wire covering, in the dark it looks like a faint fiber optic line glowing when the wire fires. Weird. If that was on my truck I would replace it. Has anyone ever put a better quality spark plug wire onto one of these? Its the original CDI ignition that came with the DLE 20. Not to sure I want to open up the ignition box "Just to have a look"


Broncoflyer 10-06-2012 09:15 PM

RE: Rcexcell optikill and Rcexcel tach
Guess I shoulda kept going thru the forums...... Thank you to the guys who posted the sticky in Gas Engines. How to troubleshoot the spark issue was all there from Jedijodi. And alot of other stuff.....

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