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Cruz6794 01-05-2013 07:45 PM

Bixler v1.1 Thoughts

Hello I would like to get more into planes and was wondering if the Bixler1.1 would be a good place to start. I do have about a total of 2 minutes of stick time, a little bit of heli experience and some sim time. Thanks for the help.</p>

CGRetired 01-07-2013 05:07 AM

RE: Bixler v1.1 Thoughts
I don't see why not. Hobby King sells them. It shows two props - one for normal flying and one for FPV flying (weight carrying). I'd go with whatever prop flys it the slowest and go for it.

But, we all will suggest that you get an instructor to at least check to make sure everything is ready to fly, maiden it for you, set the trims, then give you a little bit of training before you get going with it... perhaps might save you some money in the long run by helping you avoid crashes.


Sherv 01-07-2013 05:36 AM

RE: Bixler v1.1 Thoughts
Bixler is a fantastic plane to learn with, very durable, forgiving, can be quick, and can handle the weight of a larger battery or camera making it great for long flights or recording video. As mentioned earlier I would fly with an instructor. But the plane is a great choice and I have found both the Bixler and AXN Floater Jet from hobbyking to be fun planes even after you develop your skills for more advanced airplanes.

Chucksolo69 01-07-2013 10:44 AM

RE: Bixler v1.1 Thoughts
I fly the AXN and my buddy flies the Bixler. My AXN is speedier, but the Bixler is way more stable in fligh; not that the AXN is unstable. I find that my AXN dives violently when I apply full throttle and a lot of altitude is needed until the plane starts to climb. The Bixler dives at full power too, but not as vilonelty. I think the thicker wing area on the Bixler is the reason. But yes, they are fun planes to fly. Once you get up high, they will ride the thermals with ease.

CARS II 01-07-2013 12:30 PM

RE: Bixler v1.1 Thoughts
The Bixler is an excellent foam tralner, with a few upgrades it becomes a very solid, strong, every day flyer, I put 4 flights on mine at the field on the 1st, a friend of mine flys a BVM Electra ( top of the line electric jet ) he made a coment on the Bixler ( he wanted to fly her after seen her in action)

If you get one ( higly recomended ) get the original Bixler, the small one, the bigger one is more for FVP flyers and you don't need flaps.

I fly mine with a 2200 or with a 1300 ma lipos batts, I use the washers with the 1300 packs ( got 5 ) and no washers with the 2200 packs ( got 2 ) I end up with the same CG.

Check this link for the upgrades, the one I higly recomend are the carbon tube in the spar, the APC propeller and the reinforced packing tape under the wings and under the fuse.

Get a Supertiger speed control ( 30 amp ), the carbon reinforcement tube for the spar from the hobby shop and the tape from Home Depot.


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