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pkranger 02-01-2002 05:27 PM

Simulator question
I am the proud new owner of Realflight G2. I got it to help me with learning how to hover my raptor and ergo helicopter. The physics of the sim seem to be pretty close and in fact the real thing seems to be a little easier. My question concerns the airplanes on the sim. In addition to flying the helicopters I have been playing with some of the planes, my question is how accurate are the physics for the planes versus real life. I have no baseline to compare since I have only flown (well hovered) helis. The p-51 is a sweet flying machine :)

As always, thanks

Cactus. 02-01-2002 08:01 PM

Simulator question
realflight was pretty good, but even if i pro would notice it might not so some things right, it'll still teach you how to fly, all the little things that need to be unconsious reaction.

magnum 02-02-2002 12:17 AM

Simulator question
Actually I found the airplanes to be more realistic than the heli's. I never could hover one on the sim as good as I could a real one :D .

You can change the airplane settings to match your real plane and they will be real close. I flew the P51 several times before first P51 hoping I would find no suprises.

My actual model will snap on the top of a loop if you don't have enough speed and use to much elev. Not something you want to find out in a new model. The one on the sim, just kinda noses down.

But you are right the P51 is nice. Modify it and put a screamer engine in it, good way to build reflexes :D

bob_nj 02-03-2002 09:52 AM

Use it for what it is
The sim is a wonderful tool. It can be used for practice, discipline and learning. It's good therapy and repitition. For new flyers the drills of maintaining altitude, towards and away flight and the difference in stick movements, loops, rolls, straight flight etc. can be rewarding and beneficial. I turn off all of the flaming farm animals, barns, trees and picket fences and just fly. That is not to say that you'll be a hot shot pilot the first few times out, but the basics won't be such a slap in the face when you're on the flightline shaking. In short, it gently flattens out the learning curve. Over the years it seems that the new flyers that pick it up quick and fly like crazy with an inflated sense of accomplishment don't last very long. It's like they suck up the glory and move on to something else. Take your time, learn all that you can, and then go out and enjoy yourself_Bob

magnum 02-03-2002 03:43 PM

Simulator question
No we don't last very long. We just move up to giant scale! :D

pkranger 02-03-2002 04:31 PM

Simulator question
Thanks for the response guys. The heli is harder to hover for me as well than the real thing. I don't have a instructor so I rely on boards like this along with any books i can get my hands on. i went ahead and picked up a GWS tiger moth. Its a electric park flyer. It was very easy to fly, almost to easy in fact. I now have a sig lt-25 ordered and am going to give that a try next I just wanted to get a idea if lfying the planes on the sim was anywhere close to the real thing. Thanks again!


bob_nj 02-03-2002 08:14 PM

Simulator question
I guess you don't need no stinkin plankers :rolleyes:

Fastsky 02-08-2002 12:51 PM

Flight Sim
I think if you add in the wind option and work with that for a while then you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect. I am using a sim over the winter to keep my fingers limber and The main difference seems to be that the unexpected doesn't seem to happen on the sim. The wind suddenly coming up can cause big changes on the plane that require adjustment. The flight sim seems to be pretty much the same all the time. My sim doesn't have the wind option.

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