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AirHead256 02-04-2002 05:56 PM

What's with radio gear compatibility/
Newbee question. I see servos & stuff marked Airtronics S, or Z, Futuba / Hitec, etc. Seems like some companies stuff / connections are the same as some other companies connectors. What gives here?
I buy / fly Hitec and would like to know what the deal is RE wiring compatibilities.
Trainer cables? Will one cable fit another type trainer box &/or master?

zero244 02-05-2002 12:32 AM

I think its a racket......
To sell there high priced connectors etc. Just like when you buy many of the new chargers...............you will spend about half what you spent for the charger to make or buy the connectors to run the charger. Also most of the newest electronic stuff has a 90 day warranty.............what does that say for the quality.

Dugster 02-05-2002 03:47 PM


I understand how confusing this issue can be.

For the most part reciever/servo connectors are proprietary (different and unique to each manufactuer). Some of the companies that make/sell accesories do have universal type connectors that will work with most manufacturers connectors. When you buy servos, cables, switches just make sure it's labled as compatible with your brand radio.

Buddy cables is another confusing item.

Futaba and Hitech are compatible. Just make sure you pull the crystal from the "buddy" tranmitter to be safe.

Airtronics is proprietary.

JR is proprietary.

Before you buy your first radio it might be a good idea to check with your instructor or club to find out what they use. General rule - Futaba. Almost everyone has Futaba/Hitech buddy boxes available.

JohnBuckner 02-05-2002 06:57 PM

Hi tech/Jr compatability
Airhead Dugster is right on and I would just like to add a bit about Hi Tech/Jr compatability since you are a Hi tech user. Yes Jr is proprietary however all Jr servos, battery and switch plugs as well as the receiver side of the wall charger plug are totaly compatable with any Hitec equipment with one exception and this is a big one. Jr charge jacks on Jr tranmitters use reversed polarity from all other manufacturers. Using a Hitec transmiter or any of the other brands wall charger on a Jr transmiter will blow an internal fuse or using a Jr wall transmiter charger on any other brand will not work or cause damage. This does not apply to the receiver side of the wall chargers as all brands use the same polarity there.


Scorpionjack 02-05-2002 08:18 PM

What's with radio gear compatibility/
Sorry Dugster;
Your information is not completely correct. Newer Highend radio's today have switching capabilities.

For instance My Airtronics Stylist can change modes with the input of whatever I configured the Aircraft for. Whether it was for a Futaba setup and receiver I'd change polarity which is available. Thus making it usable on any configuration.

As for Dougsters comment ref: Hitec servo's all of the new Airtronics radio's that have z connectors/ z-receivers are all capable of using Hitec servo's. The Older style Airtronic's servo's can be adapted to work as well in a FMA & Hitec equipment.

Basic and Advanced Programming, PPM/FM, PPM/FM-Invert, PCM1and PCM2 Modulation, This is even available on there mid-range RD-6000. (Notice the word Invert)

Compatability is becoming less an issue as time goes on.

Hope this helps
AMA 6518

sundayflyer 02-12-2002 06:43 PM

What's with radio gear compatibility/
Lets make it easy for you. If you have a new airtronics reciever, you may use futaba,jr,hitec,or airtronics "z" connector servos. There is no reverse polarity except on old style airtronics servos and recievers.However recievers are a different story. Hitec makes recievers compatibile for airtronics,futaba,hitec and jr. All chargers will work with all radios as they are EXCEPT JR. JR is a reverse polarity charged radio. You can buy a plug to convert standard to reverse polarity for $8.00. Just plug in end to your charger that says futaba end and plug end that says radio to your radio. Then your charger will charge JR in reverse polarity. I have many different servo and reciever configurations in alot of my airplanes and helis. But I only fly with JR radios. If you have any particular questions feel free to email me. I do work in a hobby shop and dont know all the answers but I can find out almost anything you would like to know. I hope this helps.
Best Regards

PS trainer cords: futaba fits hitec /futaba,airtronics fits airtronics.and jr fits jr. The expert company makes cords to fit all and are nearly 50% less in cost then name brand.

pkranger 02-13-2002 12:42 AM

What's with radio gear compatibility/
Will Jr servos work with a futaba reciever. My question may have already been answered but I was getting really confused about half way down the thread :) I know I can use a futaba servo with me JR reciever by cutting off the little tab on the connector so I guess it would make sense that I could use the futabe reciever with the JR servos.

sundayflyer 02-13-2002 06:24 PM

What's with radio gear compatibility/
The answer is yes you can use JR servos with your futaba reciever. You are correct it saying that in order to use futaba servos in other then futaba recievers you have to remove the side tab on the futaba servo connector. I hope this helps.

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