As I stated in another thread, Im starting on my GP Escapade .40, I went ahead and bought the recommended motor Rimfire .46, and the GP Silver Series 60 amp ESC. and I'll be useing a 3600 4s, 14.8 volt , 40c battery. I've put together serveral foam planes, but the instruction manual says to instal an on/off switch, and use a 12 volt reciever pack just like whats in a nitro plane. Now my electric foamies don't use an on/off switch, and receiver pack, so can anyone tell me whats the difference between an Escapade set up for electric flight, and an electric foamy? I guess what Im asking is why do I need an on/off switch, and a 12 volt receiver pack for an electric plane? Would'nt it be just like the foamies, and the Lipo battery supplies ALL the power to the plane?