I bought 2 of there .46 electric conversion kits, which includes the Motor (G-46), 80 Amp ESC & LiPo 18.5V 4.5A battery at a good price. I converted a nitro Nexstar & a Eagle II successfully, & flew them on a buddy system with my friend Ron who can fly anything! I'm still learning... We noticed a strange phenomena, if you advance the throttle to max quickly the Motor would 'clunk' & slow dramatically, this happened on both A/C, we tried different props etc with no change. I crashed both A/C, no doubt finger trouble! so I didn't pursue the problem further until I bought an RV8 (e flight) from a friend that needed an ESC, I had recovered one of the Hobby People 80A ones & the e-flight motor was a .46 equivalent, so I installed that & everything seemed OK (I used one of the 18.5v LiPos) Flew the RV8 a couple of times reasonably OK but at max power the 'Clunking' happened again! I also had a brand new Hobby People 60A ESC which would still power the Motor OK so Installed it on the RV8 & guess what at max power we got the clunking issue!
I'm an retired electronics engineer so I decided to delve further, I connected a Watt/Power meter in series with the LiPo & the 80A ESC (in the plane tethered) & gradually increased the throttle towards max everything was fine until it reached around 27A & the clunking occurred, backed off the throttle & the motor ran smoothly, but every time I advanced the throttle at around 27A it clunked. Tried same test with the 60A ESC same problem.
One of our members works at the Hobby People shop & suggested I bring the whole setup in, I did & we could repeat the issue every time. He consulted with one of their electrical experts who said he had the same experience with these ESC's! The upshot is I bought a Castle 70A ESC & it works like a charm with no issues at all.

Hobby People are working on giving me credit for the faulty ESC's, don't get me wrong they are good shop & give great service & discounts to the club.

I'm posting this issue to see if anyone else has seen this problem & as a warning to others.