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Jeff Fokker 10-09-2012 05:48 AM

Help - wiring 4 outrunners
Need help.

I am building an 18th scale Lockheed Constellation. It has (4) 3548 900kv motors with (4) 40amp speed controllers. I am using (2) 5000mah 3s packs. I want to use each pack to supply (2) motors. The speed controllers are bec equipped. I will be wiring the 2 outboard motors to one battery and the 2 inboard motors to the other battery. My question is; while 2 motors are plugged into one battery and the other 2 are plugged into the other, can I plug all 4 control wires into the throttle port (slot 3) on my receiver? My reasoning is controll surface redundency. If one battery fails, therefore losing the power of 2 motors, I want the other battery to supply power to the receiver so I can still controll the plane for landing. Will this work?


blvdbuzzard 10-09-2012 04:49 PM

RE: Help - wiring 4 outrunners
All you have to do is remove the red wire from the plug from the ESC. I would use a UBEC or a battery for just the radio gear. I would disable the BEC on each ESC by pulling the red wire and covering with heat shrink. You could make up a four lead into 1 lead plug or use (3) "Y" harness's.


Jeff Fokker 10-09-2012 05:21 PM

RE: Help - wiring 4 outrunners
Buzz, thanks for the time you took to reply, but I already knew that.

I am looking for a different answer. One that I am not sure of the results. There must be someone on these threads that has the answer. The way I know has no redundency factor and when I will have 2 batteries in the plane, I want to make the safest use of them.

diy-pro 10-10-2012 08:58 AM

RE: Help - wiring 4 outrunners
I wouldnt touch a thing. Make sure all your wiring is clean and you shouldnt have a problem. But i do recommend an external bec. All four plugged in may cause interference.

blvdbuzzard 10-10-2012 04:55 PM

RE: Help - wiring 4 outrunners
After re-reading your post, I may understand a little better. You want to setup this so one ESC with a BEC will power the Rx? So if one battery fails you still have the second 5000 lipo powering the Rx? Is that close to what you are after? I can see the reasoning for this. Yet in all of my RC flying, I have had 1 battery fail me. One of the solder tabs came loose. So I do not see the need for a second battery for a back up. That is why I suggested to use a flight pack for the radio gear and the lipos to power the motor's, that way the motor power is removed from the Rx power. You could use (2) Rx's and run the outboard and left side off of that and the inboard and right side off the second Rx for a fail safe setup?

I have read where they have used two ESC's with the active BEC plugged into a "Y" harness without a problem. Not sure I would want to test that on my good radio gear. Might try it on the $9.00Rx and some cheap ESC's.


Handiman 10-12-2012 06:05 AM

RE: Help - wiring 4 outrunners
Jeff, if you are worried you might have a battery fail then use a seperate battery for the electronics.
If you use more that one of the BEC out of the speed controls you WILLsee smoke and you will have a fail.
The weaker unit will fail at some time. You CANNOT have 2 power sources.
I believe I saw a dual source outboardBEC but I dont remember who made it.

Good Luck.

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