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OldRookie 12-01-2012 06:33 AM

Motor Suggestions MoJo 60
I am trying to figure out which electric motor to put in my MoJo 60 MoAss. The plane is at 110 oz ready to fly with a Saito 100 setup. I would like to use a 5s pack swinging a 16 X 8 to 17 X 8 prop, and 200+ watts/lb. This should be equal to or more powerful than the Saito 100. The electric setup will probably be heavier than the Saito 100 setup.
The problem I was having is to choose between a 60 and 90 size electric equivalent. It seems as if the 60 size motors cut off at about 7 lbs maximum for 3D use. The 90 size motors add a fair amount of weight, but would be more than enough power. I would like to get the EP setup right the first time, as this size setup gets pretty expensive.
Some of the motors I have been considering are:

Motrolfly DM4315-500 http://www.subsonicplanes.com/Motrolfly_Motors.html

E-Flite Power 60 http://www.e-fliterc.com/Products/De...odID=EFLM4060A

E-Flite Power 90 http://www.e-fliterc.com/Products/De...odID=EFLM4090A

ElectriFly RimFire 80 or 120 http://www.electrifly.com/motors/gpmg4505.html

If you have any recommendations or criticism for one of the motors I listed, or any other brand, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

blvdbuzzard 12-01-2012 08:59 AM

RE: Motor Suggestions MoJo 60
I am using this motor in a Formula 3D. It weighs in at about the same as yours ready to fly.

My setup




With BEC

I run a APC 18X8 prop. It is about max of the 60 amps at full throttle static. I have not hooked up a scale to it but it has no problems pulling out of a hover.


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