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dynamite big red .28 problems


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Default dynamite big red .28 problems

Hi all,
I've been out out the nitro scene and have only returned to a point where unfortunately, I left off since last time for the same reason I'm facing now. I've installed a brand new big red .28 in a fully rebuilt vintage ST-1, and this will simply not run after the break in was done (about 5 tanks). It just won't idle, and any blip of the throttle will stall instantly. I've tried returning to the default setting of 3.5 turns for the HSP and 2 turns for the LSP, with a 1mm idle gap, but this just doesn't work at all. Could I please have any suggestion on what to try, engine is sealed well with no leaks, plugs changed, throttle set well, new fuel (25%), but still nothing. Either full speed or stalls on any throttle. Sounds rich but any leaning and it won't start at all, not ever.

Could I please any any suggestions on what to do or possible try. What are the default settings? I have the manual that came with the engine, but using those settings just won't work, unless you set the throttle EPA to maximum it'll either scream or stall. My only goal was to reach the point when I come off full throttle, wait for the idle to die a bit, then step down further to an lumpy idle, but this just doesn't seem possible with an idle gap of 3 or 4mm. Any smaller it'll stall. On the road, it'll die heavily on full throttle then pick up and scream, but either dies badly on full throttle or stalls.

I bought engine about 10 years ago, but seemed really good and shiny inside so I don't think that' would be the issue??? It is a pull start/rotostart however so could be an issue leaking there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If I pinch the fuel line it dies so instantly you don't even think you squeezed that much?
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First off - the engine isn’t totally broken in yet, so it will be a little finicky still. Keep the glow driver connected until the engine warms up.

Two, what glow plugs are you using? What fuel? Is the fuel fresh?

I suspext this; either the needle settings are too rich (very likely as most factory settings are), needle too lean (rarely the case’with new engines. But possible). Glow plug too cold of heat range and/or too short of reach. Use long reach medium heat plugs.

If the engine quits with the glow driver connected, it’s pretty damn rich . Try running the idle needle 1/2 turn richer to check it just in case. If not, lean it that 1/2 turn and go 1/4 turn leaner and see what happens? The engine will quit if the idle is way too rich (crankcase loading) or too lean (starvation). The sound is usually pretty typical.

Also, your idle gap is too large for regular running. It should be about .6mm being pretty standard for us.

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