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JohnP2 09-30-2012 05:22 PM

Upgraded clutch system
I recently upgraded my stock, two-shoe, clutch on my Losi 810 with a three-shoe M2C clutch system. Every now and then I'll make an upgrade whereI don't notice a tangible difference....but not in this case. WOW! The pop on this car now is amazing after this upgrade. It's like a little Whippet out on the road. I kept it a little stiff, going with 1.1mm springs (due to the fact I just bash with this csr)....and am now intrigued what the .9 mm springs will offer.

For those that have a two-shoe clutch, I'd definitely recommend looking for a 3-shoe available for your model. I was more than happy with the two-shoe, but wanted to try an upgrade. After I blew out the spring on the stock clutch, I made the switch.

I neverthought it would make that much of a difference, but I was dead wrong -it's amazing!. Special thanks to Proanti for the recommendation on this. I hope this helps anyone considering an upgrade.

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