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Mr.Alvaro 03-07-2018 07:12 PM

OS Max 12CV Parts
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Hi everyone in the forums, this is my first post here, but been here for a while always reading.

I have an old HPI Nitro RS42 4WD, powered by a OS Max 12CV. The engine has the backplate and the shaft that connect to the crankshaft on the back of the engine that allow to install a coil starter. The issue is the engine does not have it and after reading about coil starters I prefer to stay away because of how often they fail and became useless.

My idea is to have a roto start system but I have been looking around trying to figure out if there is any one compatible for this engine but I have not found any. The back plate has the 4 holes for the screws and those are separated 32mm or 1" 1/4. You guys know any roto starter that will fit for this engine?.

Also, the plastic fuel inlet is broke and I wonder if you guys know any metallic inlet that will fit for the 10E needle assembly. OSMG6993
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One last question. I live in Chicago, and I am looking for a good place with an on-road track for this car. Any good place that you guys recommend?


1QwkSport2.5r 03-12-2018 05:08 AM

There will be two sets of screw holes in the backplate - 4 for holding the backplate to the engine and 4 holes for
holding the starter to the engine. Is the 32mm spacing listed for the smaller set of screws for the actual starter? If so, I may have something that will work, but I will have to look in my parts box. I think I have a Traxxas electric starter setup that may fit.

For the carb fitting - what’s the OD of the needle valve assembly where the fuel inlet fitting goes? I may have a metal fitting that will fit - I just need to know what the size of the needle holder is.

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