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Carden 300EX 30% w/Precision Eagle 4.2

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Default Carden 300EX 30% w/Precision Eagle 4.2

Hi all,

I am a Carden fanatic from way back when Dennis and Carolyn first started with giant scale. Saw him at RC World a lot of years ago and he was demo'ing a 30% Extra. I recall it being one of the first versions he produced.

Well that turned into three aircraft over the years. Two 300EXs and one Cap 232 @ 30%.

Well I have stopped flying models and I was hoping someone could help me price the airframe, engine and support equipment. I have a JR 388 in it with analog JR high torque servos w/servo savers all around. I also created a field charging system using a Tx carrying case and a Litco charger on a 12v gel cell. I would charge after each flight. The model is monokoted and the only thing that needs a repair is the canopy. I have a replacement from Dennis, but have not put in place.

The motor is a Precision Eagle 4.2 Gasser with TOC mods done by the engine builder. I flew the 300 with a Ultra 3-blade for noise suppression and it was abel to do the Advanced IMAC sequence. I flew alot at RC World in Orlando Florida and there was 99dB limit on sound. With the three-blade it made it but with a standard prop it was great with the vertical lines and anything you could put it through. I also designed and had a welder build a custom muffler for me that resembles a Slimline, but it a bit bigger. I have 2 set of wingbags, three props, 2 ignitions and a tool for the engine.

I will post some pictures of it so you all can have a feel for it. I think I would be willing to part her out if someone wanted the engine and someone wanted the airframe. They would have to come to my home for the airframe, though.

It has never been crashed and I flew Advanced IMAC with it. What do think it may be worth?


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Default RE: Carden 300EX 30% w/Precision Eagle 4.2

FlyerJoe - I recently picked up a Precision Eagle 4.2 - it's set up for nitro, but I want to convert it to gas. Can you tell me what kind of EI you're using, and where you put the Halls' sensor and what BTDC setting did you use? Also, do you have your Eagle mounted to that rubber disk \ outside bracket mounting system? I'm just wondering if I need to transfer that all to a new plane - seems like a lot of stuff and space. Thanks.

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